Top 10 Best At Home Laser Hair Removal Devices of 2020: The Ultimate Review & Guide

If you’ve spent countless hours shaving & waxing, an at-home laser hair removal device is one of the best investments you can buy. Get permanent results with just a fraction of in-clinic costs.
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laser hair removal cost
Figure 1.0. Average cost per session and per body area of professional laser hair removal for women. Source: Laser Hair Removal Cost & Prices (2019 National Statistics Report)

The Best At-Home Laser Hair Removal Devices of 2020: Ultimate Guide & Review – On our quest to be permanently (and gloriously) hair-free, we’ve assessed over 35 of the most reputable and best-selling at-home laser hair removal and IPL devices in the market today.

We’ve chosen the top 10 based on efficacy and performance, and compiled it in this comprehensive review.

Included in this guide is a detailed product comparison chart, video reviews, user guides, FAQs, and safety reminders–everything you need to know to help you choose the most compatible device to suit you.

If you’ve spent countless hours on hair removal, an at-home laser device is one of the best investments you can buy. One study has shown that up to 95% of patients have noted hair reduction.

With the right machine, you can get permanent hair reduction at just a fraction of the price (vs. in-clinic visits). This guide has a first-rate selection of devices that can give you the best results and value for your money.

Disclosure: We independently research, test, and only recommend materials that we truly feel will deliver value to you. When you buy through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Learn more.

Table of Contents

Product Comparison Table: Home Laser Hair Removal Systems

Editor's Choice:

The Best At Home Laser Hair Removal Devices of 2020

We’ve reviewed the best-selling at-home laser hair removal devices today, but included the only the ones that cut above the rest in our list. These are based on the latest technology, performance, product quality, specifications, value for money, consumer reviews, and our experience with laser hair removal.

For a more comprehensive analysis, please click on the ‘Read Review‘ button on the comparison chart and refer to the main table at the top of the post.

Here are our top picks for the best at home laser hair removal machines:

Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X

Video: The technology behind Tria’s Hair Removal Laser | Tria Beauty®

Video Review: No More Shaving?! OMG! Tria 4X Laser Hair Removal At HOME 2 Month Test Review!

A tried and tested device with over 600+ reviews on Amazon.

The Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser has been proven by a scientific study to give permanent hair reduction.

It is the first and ONLY FDA approved at-home hair removal device that uses professional-standard DIODE laser technology (as opposed to light/IPL or radiofrequency). This is considered one of the best laser hair removal technologies used today.

It’s an innovative device that is basically a miniature, handheld version of those bulky machines found in skin clinics (You might have seen them–they look like a spin dryer with a screen on top and a long cord on the side.).

Diode laser remains one of the most effective in-office procedures for hair removal and will remain to be so because it permanently and effectively reduces hair growth even in areas with thick and coarse hair.

Because this device uses a diode laser instead of IPL, it’s capacity for energy fluence (the hair eliminating power) gives it a powerful edge over its counterparts. It maxes out at 22 J/cm2  while the rest averages at 8-9 J/cm2.

Unfortunately, it can also be painful for those who have low pain tolerance. The pulse is strong so it can sting and cause redness and irritation. If you have very sensitive skin or low pain tolerance, you can start with a lower setting and work your way up. You can also use a cooling gel or numbing cream so you can tolerate the pulses better (e.g. Cooling and Coupling Gel for Laser and IPL Permanent Hair Removal)

The laser window is also pretty small which means it’s very precise, but can also be a pain when doing larger areas like the arms or the legs. You’ll have to carve time in your schedule if you want to use this in those areas.

It’s battery-powered as well, which makes it a pro (more portable, no tangly cords) or a con (needs recharging), depending on your preference.

One of the most common limitations of at-home hair removal machines is their efficacy depends on the person’s skin tone and hair color. The Tria falls under this limit of being effective only for light to olive skin tones (Fitzpatrick Skin Tone I-IV) and only with naturally dark hair color.

The initial set of treatments that you’ll have to do is once every 2 weeks for 3 months. After that, just touch up as necessary.

Ideal for: Fine tuning small areas, very dense and coarse hair, especially where IPL has been ineffective, thick skin that may be unreachable by IPL, looking for a cordless and portable device

  • Technology: DL (Diode Laser)
  • Laser Class: 1
  • Maximum Energy Fluence/Power: 7-22 J/cm2
  • Output Wavelength810 nm
  • Skin Tone Coverage: Fitzpatrick I-IV (light to olive skin tones)
  • Natural Hair Color Coverage: Naturally dark hair.
  • Skin Tone & Contact Sensors: Yes, via manual digital checking upon opening the device.
  • Recommended Treatment Schedule & Results: Once every 2 weeks, up to 3 months or until necessary.
  • Lifespan/No. of Flashes: Built-in laser – 300 battery recharging cycles or 90,000 pulses
  • Flash Window Size: .81 cm2
  • Flash Speed: 5 secs
  • Power System: Battery-powered, 30 mins.


  • The first & ONLY FDA-cleared at-home professional-level true LASER hair removal device (vs. IPL or light pulses, RF or radio frequency on most devices)
  • The only at home hair removal device that uses diode laser, one of the most effective (and expensive) type of hair removal technology also used by high-end clinics and dermatologists worldwide
  • Has the highest energy fluence/power of any at-home device at 7-22 J/cm2 vs. the normal rate of 3-6 cm2 (E.g. Silk’n Flash & Go Express: 3-5 J/cm2Gillette Silk-Expert IPL: 6 J/cm2)
  • Diode laser is proven to be more effective than IPL and require less sessions
  • Perfect for precision lasering; targets small areas like upper lips and bikini lines
  • Ideal for very dense & coarse hair where IPL may be less effective
  • Can penetrate thicker skin for more effective treatments (DL penetrates deeper than IPL)
  • More portable and safer to use in the bathroom since its battery-powered


  • Small flash window size, inefficient to use in larger areas like legs and arms
  • People with low pain tolerance may need to use a numbing gel during treatment because of its high energy levels
  • Needs re-charging after use
Philips Lumea Prestige – IPL Hair Removal Device for Face, Body, & Bikini (2018 Version - BRI956)

Video: Experience the Lumea Prestige BRI956 by Philips

Video Review: Philips Lumea IPL Review – Permanent At Home Hair Removal THAT WORKS! Before and After

If you’re looking for a truly customized experience, the famous Philips Lumea Prestige is for you. It is considered as one of the best photoepilators in the industry.

With the same IPL used and developed by dermatologists, it offers up to 92% hair reduction* after 3 treatments and, after following their advised schedule, you can be hair-free for up to 6 months*.

The Lumea Prestige is the world’s first IPL device that has 4 unique, detachable curved attachments designed for optimum use in different parts of the body. It has an integrated UV filter & safety system that protects you from UV light and any unintentional flashing. It also transforms into both a corded and cordless device, adjusting to your need and preference.

As your curves and hair growth varies in different parts of your body, each area needs to be treated accordingly to ensure the best results. The Lumea Prestige has custom, adjustable curved attachments for the face (upper lip, chin) and body (arms, legs, stomach). Each intelligent accessory differs in shape, flash window size, filter, and triggers a tailored treatment system for each specific body part.  The way it follows the contours of your body ensures efficiency, precision, and safety with every use. The best laser hair removal treatment is one that you enjoy doing because it means you’re going to stick to your schedule. (No one likes chores!)

The device also covers a wide variety of hair color (naturally black, brown, and dark blonde) and skin types (very white to dark brown). As with most at-home laser hair removal devices, this can’t be used on red hair, white/grey hair, and light blonde. (Refer to the iluminage TOUCH Permanent Hair Reduction Device below for full skin & hair coverage.) The built-in SmartSkin sensor advises on the best setting to use, making sure your device is calibrated for your skin tone every time.

You can use the device either corded or cordless, depending on your preference. It’s faster when it’s plugged in so you can use this for bigger areas like the legs. Go cordless for smaller or hard to reach areas.

* Median results on legs, as per the brand study. Individual results may vary.

Ideal for: Face and full body treatments, precision and broad coverage on all areas

  • Technology: IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)
  • Emitted Wavelengths: 565 to 1400 nm
  • Maximum Energy Fluence/Power: 4-6.5 J/cm² (Maximum optical energy:  4.8 – 23 J)
  • Skin Tone Coverage: Fitzpatrick I-V(very light to dark brown skin tones)
  • Natural Hair Color Coverage: Naturally dark blonde, brown and black hair
  • Skin Tone & Contact Sensors: Yes, called SmartSkin sensor
  • Recommended Treatment Schedule & Results: First 4 every 2 weeks, with touch-ups every 4 weeks. After 8 touch ups, you should be hair-free for up to 6 months*
  • Lifespan/No. of Flashes:  High-performance lamp delivers > 250,000 flashes; one of the highest in the market
  • Attachments & Flash Window Size: 
    • Face attachment – Shape: flat; Window size: 2 cm², extra filter
    • Underarm attachment – Shape: concave curved, Window size: 3 cm²
    • Body attachment – Shape: convex curved, Window size: 4.1 cm²
    • Bikini attachment – Shape: concave curved, Window size: 3 cm², extra filter
  • Repetition time: 1-3.5 s
  • Power System: Both corded and cordless use


  • Uses clinically-proven Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology to deliver up to 92% hair reduction in just 3 treatments.* This is one of the quickest forecasted results among the leading brands.
  • Interchangeable custom face & body attachments for specialized treatments, ease of use, efficiency, and safety.
  • High-performance lamp: Delivers > 250,000 flashes; one of the highest in the market.
  • Integrated UV filter & safety system that protects you from UV light and any unintentional flashing.
  • Uniquely offers both a corded and cordless option for your convenience.
  • Minimizes chances for mistakes or injury with built-in skin tone & contact sensor.
  • The model comes with a 220V UK or EU plug cable. A local country travel adaptor is FREE OF COST and comes with the box. This makes the device useable from anywhere in the world.


  • Alternating the attachments can be inconvenient while in the middle of treatments.
  • The cordless option seems to reload at a slower pace than corded. The battery also doesn’t last very long in our opinion—we recommended you plug it in for the legs and go cordless on the other areas.
  • Has an average energy fluence/power compared to high powered diode lasers like the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X which goes as high as 7-22 J/cm2
  • Is on the higher end of the price spectrum. A good alternative that has similar features is the LumaRx, featured below.
LumaRx IPL Hair Removal Machine, Full Body

Video: Get to Know the LumaRx IPL Skin Beauty System

Video Review: My Experience with LumaRX Laser Hair Removal | Does it work? Does it hurt?

The LumaRX uses FDA-cleared IPL technology that is used by most salons for hair removal.

What makes the LumaRx unique is its flexible, detachable parts; namely the caps and the replaceable cartridge.

Like some of the best professional laser hair removal machines, there are two caps for face and body use. The flash window size, speed, and wavelength (IPL depth) vary between the two caps. This ensures that your at-home laser hair removal for the face is precise and the IPL is adjusted for your facial skin. The body cap has a larger window size and stronger wavelength so it penetrates deeper into the skin and hair.

The replaceable cartridge extends the lifespan of what would otherwise be a machine that would need replacing as a whole once the flash lamp runs out. This means your device can last year in and year out as long as it’s kept in good condition. That is a lifetime of savings right there. Definitely one of the most long-term cost-effective and best at home IPL machines in the market today.

The LumaRx Full Body IPL Hair Removal Device is virtually painless and very effective on normal hair types. It covers the normal skin tone and hair color range–light to olive skin tone (Fitzpatrick I-IV) and naturally dark hair.

The initial treatment is also the same as the Tria–once every two weeks and top-ups as necessary.

To keep on top of your treatments, there’s a LumaRx app available that you can download on your phone. You can download it from iTunes. (No longer available in the Play Store.)

Ideal for: Face and full body treatments, precision and broad coverage on all areas

  • Technology: IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)
  • Maximum Energy Fluence/Power: 8 J/cm(+/- 20%)
  • Wavelength650-1200nm for Body Cap, 600-1200nm for Facial Cap
  • Skin Tone Coverage: Fitzpatrick I-IV (light to olive skin tones)
  • Natural Hair Color Coverage: Naturally dark hair. (Black, Brown, Dark Blond)
  • Skin Tone & Contact Sensors: Yes, via digital checking upon using the device.
  • Recommended Treatment Schedule & Results: Once every 2 weeks, up to 3 treatments or until necessary.
  • Lifespan/No. of Flashes: Replaceable cartridge – 65,000 flashes
  • Flash Window Size: Body cap – 3 cm2, Facial cap – 2 cm2
  • Flash Speed: Body cap – 3 secs, Facial cap – 4 secs
  • Power System: Power Cord


Quick Link: LumaRx Full Review: IPL Hair Removal Device – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide


  • Uses clinically-proven Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology to deliver up to 94% hair reduction in just 3 treatments.* This is one of the quickest forecasted results among the leading brands.
  • Easier to use on face & body with interchangeable caps:
    • Face Cap – has a smaller flash window size at 2 cm2 to ensure precision lasering for areas like the above the lips, etc. It also has its speed and wavelength (IPL depth) adjusted for sensitive facial skin and hair.
    • Body Cap – has a larger flash window size than most average at-home laser devices at 3 cm& stronger wavelength depth so it penetrates deeper into thicker hair and skin. This provides ease of use for widebody areas like the legs, arms, etc.
  • Most at home IPL lasers average just 3-6 J/cm2 (E.g. Silk’n Flash & Go Express: 3-5 J/cm2Gillette Silk-Expert IPL: 6 J/cm2). LumaRx goes up to 8 J/cm2, one of the higher IPL-powered at home hair removal devices out there.
  • Minimizes chances for mistakes or injury with built-in skin tone & contact sensor.
  • Long-term savings on its replaceable cartridge that extends the device’s lifespan
  • Easily track your treatments via the LumaRx App (via iTunes and Play Store) or through Treatment Record Cards (provided in the package).


  • Alternating the two caps can be inconvenient while in the middle of treatments.
  • If you have very sensitive skin and low pain tolerance, you might not be able to maximize the LumaRx to its full 8 J/cm(±20%) power.
  • Even though the LumaRx has a high energy fluence/power for an IPL device at 8 J/cm(±20%), it’s still behind diode lasers like the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X which goes as high as 7-22 J/cm2
  • Offers a mid-range number of flashes per cartridge replacement at 65,000 flashes. The new one, however, the LumaRx Pro IPL Hair Removal Device for Face & Body, offers 100,000 per replaceable cartridge. It’s a tad more expensive though.
  • Has an average speed that clocks in at 3 seconds for the body cap, and 4 seconds for the facial cap.

Video: Braun Silk-expert IPL for Permanent Hair Removal | Braun IPL


From the brand that makes it its business to keep you flawlessly hair-free, comes their latest product yet.

The Gilette Braun Silk-Expert 5 is clinically tested for permanent hair reduction. It is the only IPL device that automatically adapts to your skin tone, making it one of the safest laser hair removal devices today.

Because skin tone varies across different parts of the body, you may have to adjust your device’s setting according to each area. This is usually done manually and greatly influences the outcome of your treatment. (Too low and it won’t work, too high and you can get burned.) Silk Expert’s intelligent SensoAdapt™ technology continuously reads your skin tone at 80x per second and re-calibrates itself as you glide it across your skin. This ensures that the light intensity is always right for maximum safety and optimum efficacy.

It has 3 levels: NormalGentle, and Extra Gentle. You can adjust this accordingly, depending on how sensitive your skin is.

Another plus is its built-in cartridge that loads up to 300,000 flashes. This number will take a long way because you only have to glide over every area once (vs. other devices that offer a higher number of flashes but requires that you go over areas 2-3x.)

The speed is also pretty good, clocking at just 1-2 seconds. Combined with its large window which opens at 3 cm2, areas like your legs and arms can be done in no time. The noise level compared to most machines is also much lower.

It has an energy fluence of 6 J/cm2 and covers the normal spectrum of skin tone and hair color (light to dark brown, dark hair).

Initial treatment involves 4-12 weekly sessions. Once completed, you can top up once every 1-2 months for maintenance.

This edition also comes with Braun’s facial brush for pore deep cleaning.

An app is also available on iTunes or Google Play to help schedule your sessions and maximize your device.

Ideal for: Full body treatments, looking for easy hair removal on the go, looking for a more affordable at-home laser alternative 

  • Technology: IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)
  • Maximum Energy Fluence/Power: 4-6 J/cm²
  • Skin Tone Coverage: Fitzpatrick I-V (light, medium and dark skin tones)
  • Natural Hair Color Coverage: Naturally black or brown hair. This may not be effective on grey, white, blonde, or red hair.
  • Skin Tone & Contact Sensors: Unique Intelligent SensoAdapt™ skin tone sensor that continuously reads your skin tone at 80x per second and adapts the IPL intensity
  • Recommended Treatment Schedule & Results: 1x a week for 12 weeks. Treated hairs will naturally fall out within 1-2 weeks. Around 6 weeks, you should see a reduction in hair growth. After the 12 week program, there should be a significant reduction in hairs with those left being lighter and finer. With continuous monthly treatments, you should be able to maintain a reduction in unwanted hair.
  • Lifespan/No. of Flashes: 300,000 flashes; equivalent to 15 years of full body treatments
  • Flash Window Size: 3 cm² (30mm x 10mm)
  • Flash Speed: 1-2 seconds between flashes; ‘Gliding Mode’ for large areas triggers more flashes and lesser missed areas
  • Power System: Power Cord


  • Customizable modes for skin sensitivity – ‘Normal’, ‘Gentle’, or ‘Extra Gentle’ modes
  • 300,000 flashes, good for 15 years of use
  • ‘Gliding Mode’ for large areas triggers more flashes and lesser missed areas & ‘Precision Mode’ for treating small or sensitive areas like the bikini line, underarms, knees, shins, ankles, and face for females.
  • Intelligent SensoAdapt™ skin tone sensor automatically adjusts the device to your skin tone for safety and efficacy
  • For use on face & body treatments unlike most IPL devices
  • Has a wider range of skin coverage than normal, reaching Fitzpatrick I-V (vs. Fitzpatrick I-IV)
  • Has an app to schedule your sessions or read up on how to maximize the device: check it out on iTunesGoogle Play.
  • Comes with Braun’s deep cleansing facial brush
  • At 300,000 flashes and 15 years of use, its one of the best home laser hair removals in terms of affordability


  • Harder to treat smaller areas because of its large window size
  • Once the cartridge is used out, the whole unit needs replacement.
  • Has one of the longest recommended treatment schedules in this list (12x vs. 6x overall necessary treatments on average).
Remington iLIGHT Ultra Face & Body Hair Removal System

Video: Dr. Dover Overview of iLIGHT Pro System by Remington

Video Review: My Laser Hair Removal Results! | Remington iLight Pro Review by Wendy Bentley

Remington is one of the most ubiquitous brands in laser hair removal, releasing a diverse range of devices in the past decade. Their latest and most advanced unit, the Remington iLIGHT® Ultra Face & Body Hair Removal System is US FDA-cleared and clinically proven to achieve permanent hair reduction in just 3 treatments.*

The initial treatment is a total of 3 sessions, done every 2 weeks. After that, it’s only used as necessary and as maintenance. Treated hair is expected to fall out within 7-10 days.

The device uses a quartz lamp instead of the usual glass which is less efficient. It comes with two treatment caps for the face and body, for easier treatments and hygiene purposes.

The Remington also has a skin tone tester so you don’t have to second guess your skin’s compatibility. This is especially useful if your skin tone is subtly different in certain parts of your body (which, let’s face it, we all do!).

skin tone contact sensor is also built-in so it won’t won’t waste flashes indiscriminately or hurt your eyes.

Essential parts like the cartridge, body caps and face caps are replaceable, making it one of the most sustainable devices on this list. You can extend your IPL machine’s life beyond its years by replacing the most worn-out parts.

Treatment cards are also provided to help you easily track your sessions.

*Permanent hair reduction is defined as long-term stable reduction in number of hairs regrowingwhen measured at 6, 9, and 12 months, after the completion of a treatment regimen.

Ideal for: Female facial hair, Male & female body hair; stickler for hygiene

  • Technology: Proprietary ProPulse IPL Technology
  • Maximum Energy Fluence/Power: 8 J/cm2
  • Skin Tone Coverage: Fitzpatrick I-IV(light to olive skin tones)
  • Natural Hair Color Coverage: Naturally dark hair.
  • Skin Tone & Contact Sensors: Yes
  • Recommended Treatment Schedule & Results: Used every 2 weeks for the first 3 treatments. Use only as needed after.
  • Lifespan/No. of Flashes: 65,000 flashes with a Quartz lamp
  • Flash Window Size: 3 cm(Body Cap), 2 cm(Facial Cap)
  • Flash Speed: 3 Secs (Body Cap), 4 Secs (Facial Cap)
  • Power System: Corded use


  • US FDA-cleared and clinically proven for permanent hair reduction in just 3 treatments, one of the quickest turnovers for at home laser hair removal devices
  • Hygienic lasering; with different caps for the face and body
  • Has a high fluence/power clocking in at 8 J/cm2 the normal rate of 3-6 cm2
  • Long-term savings with replaceable spare parts
  • Minimizes injury with built-in skin contact sensor and skin tone tester.


  • Small areas in the body aren’t benefiting from the different caps since the one for the body is a standard size
  • Offers a mid-range supply of flashes at 65,000.
  • Has an average flashing speed compared to other units

Video:  Bosidin’s Latest Permanent IPL Hair removal device with full ice care

BoSidin’s brand new release has one of the highest number of flashes we’ve seen in a built-in cartridge, clocking in at 450,000. Their claim is to provide up to 20 years of full body treatments, with a long-term performance and no replacement light cartridge. That’s a bold assertion that unfortunately we can’t test BUT 450k flashes can surely pay off in dividends, especially with its competitive pricing.

Another unique feature is its ICE technology that projects a 360° surround cold compress around the treatment area. This helps with improving the efficacy of the laser, protecting the epidermis, and reducing pain and redness. Another plus is it helps in shrinking pores as well.

This feature is its breakthrough in our opinion, as this kind of cooling system is only usually found with professional, industrial sized laser machines. They’re used not just with hair removal but other skin treatments as well like CO2 laser resurfacing, RF microneedling, Picosure, etc. Cooling systems helps minimize potential side-effects and increase patient comfort, especially when the treatment becomes painful. In laser hair removal, that usually happens when the energy level used is too high, or it’s used in sensitive places. This will be the best laser hair removal device for you if you have sensitive skin.

Another feature of the Bosidin Permanent Hair Removal Device is its auto-flash technology that continuously pulses for easier use. One long press and it starts to go off every .09 seconds, as opposed to pressing the trigger every time. It also only flashes when in full contact to your skin, so there’s no wastage of flashes. This is really useful when treating large areas like the legs and arms.

skin sensor is also built-in that tailors the IPL to your skin tone, so there’s no second guessing when using it.

An integrated UV filter is also present to prevent skin from damage.

There are two heads attachments available, one is with the normal window size of 3.8 cm2 and the other has a smaller spot size for certain areas.

The hair and skin coverage of this device nothing unusual, and falls within the normal IPL range—Fitzpatrick I-VI and dark hair. Another average is its hair-eliminating energy, which falls at the standard 6 J/cm2.

The package includes glasses and a shaver as well for prep.

With all its functions and everything it comes with, this is definitely one of the best at home hair removal system today.

Ideal for: Full body treatments, Sensitive skin

  • Technology: IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) + Advanced ICE Technology
  • Maximum Energy Fluence/Power: 6 J/cm²
  • Skin Tone Coverage: Fitzpatrick I-IV (light, medium skin tones)
  • Natural Hair Color Coverage: Naturally black or brown hair. This may not be effective on grey, white, blonde, or red hair.
  • Skin Tone & Contact Sensors: Yes
  • Recommended Treatment Schedule & Results: Approximately 3-5 months, once a week.
  • Lifespan/No. of Flashes: 450,000 flashes; equivalent to 20 years of full body treatments
  • Flash Window Size: 3.8 cm²
  • Flash Speed: 0.9 secs, with auto-flash technology
  • Power System: Power Cord


  • 450,000 built-in flashes—the highest we’ve seen on a laser cartridge so far
  • ICE technology, unique for an at-home device as cooling system are usually found only with professional, industrial-sized laser machines
  • Increased comfort and skin protection with the ICE tech, as well as improving the efficacy of the laser and reducing redness and pain
  • Auto-flash technology for easier treatments, especially on large areas like the legs
  • Dual heads for adjusting the spot size to your area treatment
  • Flash speed at 0.9/second, on par with iluminage which is one of the fastest


  • We’re a bit hesitant about the brand as it’s quite unknown in our professional circle. BoSidin is a UAE brand (which is not a bad thing mind you—might be better as they have quite thick and lustrous hair) so we can’t really say much about their brand and market share.
  • Aside from brand reputation, can’t see any con that’s unique to this product. The normal limitations that apply to this like the skin and hair tone coverage applies to almost all IPL devices so I can’t really fault this machine on that. At this point, it only needs to do what’s on the tin and you’ve got yourself a winner.

Video: How to use the DEESS 3-in-1 IPL device

A multi-purpose device with a detachable head that can be equipped with any of the following*:

  • An IPL hair removal lamp with a regular 4.5 sq. cm window.
  • smaller 2 sq cm. lamp if you prefer for small areas like the upper lip, chin, sideburns, bikini area, etc.
  • An acne clearance IPL lamp for inflamed pimples, cysts, oily skin, and impetigo. The light is anti-inflammation and speeds up the recovery of acne. (Home IPL devices has been scientifically proven to be also effective on acne and pigmentation disorders.)
  • skin rejuvenation lamp that helps with rough and aging skin, big pores, skin elasticity, collagen regeneration, partially increases circulation, and reduces wrinkles.

The DEESS Permanent Hair Removal System set comes with a hair removal lamp that has 350,000 flashes, good for 3 years. The other, interchangeable lamps you can purchase separately at an affordable price, to maximize your device.

If you’ve looked at the other devices, it may be a little confusing why a 350,000 flash unit can only last 3 years while others can claim 300,000 flashes for 15 years (Hi, Gillette Venus.) It has mainly to do with the number of passes needed for each session. This DEESS machine in particular only clocks in at about 4.1-5.4 J/cm². That’s pretty low in comparison to the other devices that averages at 8 J/cm²and can go as high as 22 J/cm² (Tria). Because of this, you’ll need 2-3 passes for each treatment area. This means at the end of the day, you’ll need to expend twice as much flashes, as well as time and effort for each treatment.

The good news is, the unit itself and its replacement cartridges are pretty affordable; so the compromise for a lighter price tag is your time and effort. (As is for everything, really.)

And another (unspoken) reason we suspect for the limited lifespan is the build. DEESS is a relatively unknown brand compared to the giants of the US like Tria or Gillette, and the machine may not keep up in terms of wear and tear. That said, it DOES cost half the price so we can’t nitpick there.

It has all the standard features such as skin tone and contact sensors. It also has a glide mode or continuous flashing for easier treatment of larger areas like the legs and arms.

For coverage, it falls under the standard of light to medium skin tone and naturally dark hair.

*Lamps sold separately.

Ideal for: Face & body hair removal treatments, inflamed acne and cysts, oily skin, rough and tired skin

  • Technology: IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)
  • Maximum Energy Fluence/Power: 4.1-5.4 J/cm²
  • Light Wavelength: Hair removal – 510-1200 nm, Skin rejuvenation – 560-1200 nm, Acne clearance –  400-700 nm
  • Skin Tone Coverage: Fitzpatrick I-V(light to olive skin tones)
  • Natural Hair Color Coverage: Naturally dark hair
  • Skin Tone & Contact Sensors: Yes
  • Recommended Treatment Schedule & Results: In the first month, once every week. From the second month onwards, once every two weeks. The duration of the entire course would consists of 6-10 treatments.
  • Lifespan/No. of Flashes: 350,000 flashes
  • Flash Window Size: 4.5 cm/ 1.5 cm * 3.0 cm
  • Flash Speed: 0 – 3.0 sec, 20-25 flashes per minute
  • Power System: Power cord


  • A versatile device that you can use to address various issues outside of hair removal. IPL for acne and skin rejuvenation usually comes with a higher price tag than this, so to get it under one unit is really maximizing your savings.
  • Replacement cartridges are pretty affordable, especially considering the number of flashes available on each.


  • The energy level is pretty subpar at just 1-5.4 J/cm². It’s the lowest in this list so far, and one of the reasons you have to go over each area twice.
  • You can to go over the same area twice, unlike all of the other devices. This means you’ll have to expend twice as much time and flashes for each session.
  • Limited lifespan in comparison to other brands.

Video: Beurer IPL – Smooth, supple skin

This is a compact device that’s easy and convenient to handle during treatment, especially in small and hard to reach areas. It also has an additional flash-glide function (automated flashing) for convenience, making the entire treatment process for the face, arms, armpits, legs, and the bikini line clock in at just around 20 minutes.

50% hair reduction through the Breurer IPL Long Lasting Pro Hair Removal can be achieved after just 3-4 treatments, with results lasting over several months. The device comes with an app called “beurer MyIPL” which helps with the scheduling and serves as a guide for your overall treatment.

It comes up to 150,000 light pulses, with a skin type and skin contact sensor for extra safety and efficiency.

It has 3 intensity levels that are dermatologically confirmed for skin tolerance. The skin and hair coverage are a pleasant surprise, as it extends up to a Fitzpatrick V and also works for light blonde and red hair. This is quite unusual for an IPL device, much more so one in the affordable range. A chart is provided to guide you on the energy level you need for every combination you have.

Ideal for: Brazilian, bikini, and smaller areas

  • Technology: IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)
  • Maximum Energy Fluence/Power:  5 J/cm2
  • Wavelength: 475 – 1200 nm max
  • Skin Tone Coverage: Fitzpatrick I-V(light to olive skin tones)
  • Natural Hair Color Coverage: Black to dark blonde hair
  • Skin Tone & Contact Sensors: Yes
  • Recommended Treatment Schedule & Results: Once every 2 weeks for the first 4 treatments, then once every 4 weeks for the next 4 treatments.
  • Lifespan/No. of Flashes: Up to 150,000 light pulses
  • Flash Window Size: 3.1 cm2
  • Flash Speed: 3 secs
  • Product Dimensions: 72 x 132 x 44 mm
  • Power System: Power Cord


  • Compact and easy to maneuver, especially in hard to reach areas
  • Affordable, in comparison to higher end devices
  • Comes with an app called “beurer MyIPL” which makes the setting, planning, and scheduling a breeze
  • Has a wide skin and hair coverage, considering its size and price


  • Energy fluence is on the low side, at just 5 J/cmmax
  • Flash speed is on the slow side as well, with a 3 sec wait between flashes

The MiSMON Laser Hair Removal is a 2-in-1 device with replaceable Xenon cartridge lamps that uses IPL for hair removal and skin rejuvenation. Off the bat, this is a good deal especially if you’re interested in skincare as well.

The hair removal lamp has a 3.0cm² treatment area, which is a moderate size that’s comfortable enough for small areas and efficient enough for the legs and arms.

It’s energy density clocks in at 3-6 J/cm², which is average as well. The number of flashes however, comes in at a hefty 300,000 which is comparable to higher end devices. This is good for about 5 years of use. Once that’s done, the cartridge is easily replaceable with a new one. That’s a really cost-efficient way to maintain an electronic device.

The treatment schedule is bit unique compared to other devices as warrants consistent use throughout its 3 stages:

  1. First Stage: 3 Weeks – use once a week, 3 treatments total
  2. Second Stage: 12 Weeks – use once every other week, 6 treatments in total
  3. Third Stage: Maintenance – use every 2 months (Hair should be very fine and sparse at this point.)

Visible hair reduction should be seen after just 3-4 treatments, with most people experiencing up to 94% in hair reduction after 7-9 treatments.

Coverage is fairly standard in terms of skin and hair color.

A cooling gel is mandatory with this device as per instruction. It doesn’t come as a package, but they are fairly inexpensive and does ease use especially for those with sensitive skin. Eg. Cooling and Coupling Gel for Laser and IPL Permanent Hair Removal Machines, Systems, Devices.

  • Technology: IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)
  • Maximum Energy Fluence/Power: 3-6 J/cm2
  • Skin Tone Coverage: Fitzpatrick I-IV (light to olive skin tones)
  • Natural Hair Color Coverage: Naturally dark hair. (Black, Brown, Dark Blond)
  • Skin Tone & Contact Sensors: Yes
  • Recommended Treatment Schedule & Results: Once a week 3x, Once every 2 weeks x 12, Once every 2 months thereafter.
  • Lifespan/No. of Flashes: Replaceable cartridge – 300,000 flashes
  • Flash Window Size:  3.0cm²
  • Pulse Duration: 2-10 milliseconds
  • Power System: Power Cord


  • 2-in-1 device for hair removal and skin rejuvenation
  • Sustainable; replaceable lamp cartridges to extend the device lifespan for extended years of continuous treatments
  • Every Xenon cartridge has 300,000 flashes, comparable to higher end brands
  • Standard hair and skin color coverage
  • Moderate spot size for ease of use in both large and small treatment areas
  • Comes with goggles for eye protection


  • Requires a cooling gel, which you have to purchase separately
  • Although it does have FDA clearance in the US (Regulation Number: 21 CFR 878.4810, Class II), since it’s a Chinese brand it may not have the rigor or accountability that comes with more established brands.

The IMENE Permanent Laser Hair Removal has two unique features that are usually found in separate IPL devices: ICE Compress Technology and interchangeable IPL treatment caps according to window size.

The ICE Compress Technology feature comes as a plate near the flash window that maintains a temperature of 32-42°F (0 to 5.5 °C). This cools the skin down immediately as you glide your device and helps avoid any discomfort or side effects usually seen in laser hair removal. These can include pain, redness, burns, swelling, and scarring.

The package comes with 2 treatment caps:

  • 3.6 cm² Body Cap for large areas like the legs, arms, etc.
  • 2.0 cm² Precision Cap for smaller areas like the bikini line, chin, fingers, etc.

This reduces time spent on each session and removes any awkwardness when treating smaller areas.

IMENE’s latest T4 model also comes with a service life of 500,000 flashes. That said, you will need to go over each area 2-3 times as opposed to other devices which only requires one pass. That increases flash expenditure, which puts it a par with devices that have roughly 166,000 – 250,000 flashes. Even with that number though, that’s more than enough to give you years of smooth hair-free skin.

94% of women experienced results after 3 months of scheduled use. You start with once-a-week sessions for the first month, followed by once every 2 weeks for the next 5-8 weeks. You’ll then continue on having one session every month.

Ideal for: Sensitive skin, Full body treatments, Ease of use

  • Technology: IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)
  • Maximum Energy Fluence/Power: 9.0 J – 16.2 J
  • Skin Tone Coverage: Fitzpatrick I-IV (Very pale to light brown)
  • Natural Hair Color Coverage: Naturally dark hair. Not recommended for red, grey or very light hair.
  • Skin Tone & Contact Sensors: Yes, built-in.
  • Recommended Treatment Schedule & Results: 1x a week for first 4 weeks, 1x every two weeks for the next 5-8 weeks, 1x a month succeeding.
  • Lifespan/No. of Flashes: 500,000 flashes, with 2-3 passes required each area
  • Flash Window Size: 3.6 cm² Body Cap, 2.0cm² Precision Cap
  • Energy Levels: 5
  • UV Filter: Yes
  • Power System: Power Cord


  • ICE Compress Technology to reduce any pain or discomfort during treatment. Also reduces risk of side effects like redness and swelling.
  • 500,000 flashes; longest service life in comparison to other devices
  • Lamp camps available in 2 sizes for ease of use: 3.6 cm² Body Cap and 2.0cm² Precision Cap


  • 500,000 flashes can be misleading as it requires you to pass over each are 2-3 times, unlike most devices that only needs one pass. That puts the device at par with units that has 166,000-250,000 flashes.

Buyer's Guide:

How to Choose the Best At Home Laser & IPL Hair Removal Devices

While there are countless features common and unique to each machine, some of them are more important than others.

These are the most crucial features to remember when buying a laser hair removal device because they will determine how effective your treatments will be.

Figure 2.1. Lasers generate a single wavelength that is extremely concentrated and efficiently absorbed by the pigment in the hair. IPL creates a wide spectrum of light where only some wavelengths are absorbed by the pigment in the hair and some by the skin.

1. Find out What Laser or Light Technology is Used

Lasers are more effective than light (IPL) in removing hair.

Lasers and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) have been proven highly effective for permanent hair reduction. There are different types of lasers used in hair removal, but only one type (diode) has been patented for home devices. IPL is by far more widely used because of its affordability and ease of access.

Clinical studies, however, show that diode laser is more effective and gives faster results than IPL. Diode is also one of the laser technologies preferred by physicians for professional hair removal.

imene laser hair removal
Figure 2.2. Example of a device with 5 levels of IPL intensity. Courtesy of IMENE Beauty.

2. Compare Energy Fluence/Power Ranges

The higher the Joules per flash or J/cm², the more effective it is in removing hair.

This is the strength of the laser or light that targets the hair pigment, all the way to the root, to disable its growth. In clinical studies, higher energy has been found to be 2-3 times more effective than devices with lower energy. This also coincides with the depth of laser penetration, or how deep into the skin it can go to reach the hair root.

Each device have different ranges and a good indicator of how high it goes is pricing.

On the other side of the coin, a higher amount of heat dispersed means a higher risk for adverse effects. This includes discomfort, pain, redness, swelling, burns, and pigmentary changes. Some devices suggest using

The most efficient way to is to balance efficacy with your safety and skin sensitivity. This means setting your device to the highest energy level your skin can tolerate. Best practice is to start with level 1 and work your way up.

Natural Hair Color
Figure 2.3. Natural hair colors.

3. Find the Extent of its Hair Color Coverage

The darker the hair, the more effective the laser.

Hair removal lasers are characterized by its ability to target melanin, ie. the pigment that gives skin, hair, and eyes it’s color. Since the ultimate target is the root of your hair, the more melanin it has ie. the darker the hair, the more effective the laser will be. If your hair has little to no pigment, ie. you have light hair, lasers will have difficulty targeting the root under the skin. (Dyes won’t work as it doesn’t reach the root.)

Make sure that your natural hair color is covered by your chosen device.

Fitzpatrick Skin Types
Figue 2.4. The Fitzpatrick Scale Skin Types

4. Find the Extent of its Skin Tone Coverage

The lighter the skin, the more effective the device.

There are 6 types of skin tones under what’s known as the Fitzpatrick scale, I-VI from lightest to darkest. As opposed to hair color, the basic idea is for the laser to ignore your skin and just pass through it. So, the less melanin you have, the more it can focus on its target—the root of your hair. Because of the limitations of lasers and IPL in both the depth of penetration under the skin and capability of targeting melanin, most types of laser technology can only work with light skin tones. The chart illustrates what each device covers and you’ll have to determine if you fall under the its skin tone coverage.

Check if your skin tone is within the scope of the device’s range.

There are other aspects of each device that you might need to take into consideration like if its corded vs. battery-powered, the flash window size, the total number of flashes, etc. These are mostly down to preference so you might want to check the key specifications and pros & cons below.

Additional Safety Tools & Reminders

While we all want results, it shouldn’t come at the expense of your safety. There are horror stories about lasers out there that could have been 100% preventable had they just taken enough precautions. Even the best photoepilators can turn awry in the wrong hands.

And because safety is of utmost importance, we’ve dedicated a whole section to it!

1. UV Resistant Glasses (Optional but encouraged)

These devices emit flashes of light that direct exposure may potentially be harmful to eyes. It’s actually recommended on most manuals that you look away from the device when it’s activating (which is annoying and inconvenient). You can use these UV resistant glasses as a precaution. 

Recommended: IPL Safety Glasses 200-1400nm Laser Protection

2. Pre-Treatment Cooling Gels (Optional)

One of the side effects of laser or light treatment is a tingling sensation similar to a rubber band snapping against the skin. The higher the power or energy fluence, the stronger the sensation. For those with very sensitive skin or low pain tolerance, a numbing cream or a calming gel might be needed to reduce any stinging or redness caused by the treatment. (This is compulsory in our practice but in-clinic lasers are also 4x-6x more powerful than at-home lasers.)

Recommended: Cooling and Coupling Gel for Laser and IPL Permanent Hair Removal, ROYAL Cooling Gel for Use with Permanent Laser Hair Removal Device System and RF Radio Frequency Facial Machine, Made from Earth Cucumber Cooling Gel – Organic Cucumber, Aloe Vera and Vitamin C

3. Post-Treatment Healing Gels (Optional)

These post-procedure gels promote skin recovery. It provides moisturization and alleviates redness. Also gives a cooling sensation after treatments.


Recommended: EltaMD Laser Enzyme Gel Cools and Moisturizes, Post-Procedure Gel, Dermatologist-Recommended

3. Contraindications or When You Can’t Get Laser

These are the basic precautions across all at home laser hair removal treatments. For a definite list, please refer to the enclosed leaflet in your machine.

Do not use if you have:

  • Sensitivity to light (photosensitivity)
  • Damaged or irritated skin
  • Had skin peeling, plucking, epilating, or waxing in the last 6-8 weeks.
  • Have tanned or sunburned skin. Wait for the skin to go back to normal before proceeding.
  • Are breastfeeding or pregnant
  • History of pre-cancer or skin cancer
  • Anywhere near water in case of electric shock


4. Areas You Can’t Use Them On or Where You Can’t Get Laser

Do not use on:

  • Eyebrows or areas above the cheek line as the laser light can cause eye damage. It’s highly recommended to use UV glasses as a precaution.
  • Areas of the body with tattoos, dark brown or black spots (dark moles, large freckles, birthmarks, or warts)
  • Areas with skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, acne, herpes, active infections, or wounds
  • Skin tones or hair colors outside the advised coverage
  • Ears, nipples, genitals (bikini line is okay), or anus


Don’t use this on areas where you may want to grow your hair back. Long-term usage may be irreversible or permanent. Always be vigilant in removing hair safely.

Always follow safety precautions for electrical devices. Most of us will do this in the bathroom, so be careful to not get the machine or the charger damp or wet. To avoid accidents, don’t put it next to the tub or sink. Keep the cord away from heated surfaces like towel rails to avoid electric shocks.

Things You Should Know Before Getting Laser Hair Removal

1. Diode lasers vs. IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)

Diode laser and IPL treatments are highly effective and safe. Both target the melanin i.e. color in the hair root and results are pretty much the same in terms of permanent hair reduction.

In clinical studies, however, diode lasers were found to be more effective than IPL. IPL needs more sessions to achieve the same results as diode lasers.

This is down to the type of light used and the way it expels on the skin. This affects the light energy that can be used by a device and the number of treatments required to achieve results, among other factors.

Diode lasers are more efficient, and the more expensive done in-office.

Because of the high energy used by diode lasers, the stinging sensation and inflammation you may experience will be more pronounced. Despite this, most patients prefer lasers over IPL due to its efficacy. You can always use numbing creams if you have sensitive skin or have low pain tolerance.

  1. Lasers – monochromatic and very high energy light source, focused only on the hair follicle. More suitable for darker skin tones. Faster results, more expensive.
  2. IPL (Intense Pulsed Laser) – Broadband pulsed light source flashed on the hair and surrounding skin. Depending on the device’s light energy, may need more treatment sessions in comparison. A more affordable alternative to laser.

2. At Home Laser Hair Removal User Guide

  1. Prep your skin – Cleanse, shave, and dry your skin before every treatment.
  2. Apply cooling gel (optional)
  3. Select a treatment level on your device – This depends on whether the device is manual or automatic. Check the machine’s manual for specifics on how to set this. Remember: the higher the energy level, the faster the results.
  4. Choose an area and proceed with treatment – Treat the face or body part as indicated. Continue treatments as necessary for desired results.
  5. Apply healing gel (optional)

That’s basically it! Simple right?

The optimum time to get treatment is during the hair’s active growth period, so be consistent and follow a schedule. Since hair grows in cycles, you need to schedule your home treatments regularly. There’s usually an app that comes with each brand to help you keep track.

Tip: Perform at night so any lingering redness would disappear by morning. You can also shave in between your schedule, but avoid waxing or plucking.

3. What to Expect Before, During, and After Treatments

Before: Before starting your treatment, you’ll have to take note of certain skin conditions. Anything other than healthy, unbroken skin shouldn’t have the procedure.

During: Some users may experience some discomfort during the first treatment like warmth, tingling, or itching. Some users experience prickling in the skin, while others describe the sensation as a rubber band snapping. This is normal, but these sensitivities will usually go away in later treatments.

You can use calming or numbing creams if you have low pain tolerance or sensitive skin.

Some users also have mild redness in certain areas. These usually go away within 24 hours. If there is pain still after the first treatment and it’s proving too intense for you, stop using the device and check with your doctor before trying again.

After: Hair won’t immediately fall out after the first treatment. Permanent hair reduction will happen after a sufficient amount of treatments, usually at least 6-8 on average. Results will still vary depending on the device used, energy level, skin tone, hair color, the area of the face or body used on, denseness and coarseness of the hair, and how regularly the treatments are done. Hair should gradually fall off with each treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most common questions new users have regarding laser hair removal:

Laser hair removal machines emit pulses of light energy to deactivate the root of your hair.

It is the most efficient and relatively painless method for removing unwanted hair in comparison to other contemporary treatments like waxing, plucking, and shaving.

Long term treatment is also more beneficial. Shaving causes hair to be wiry, thick, and itchy (just thinking about it makes me want to scratch my legs!). With laser or IPL however, hair that grows back will be fewer and finer than before–the direct opposite of shaving.

All in all, pretty sweet deal. 

The at-home devices above are smaller and more portable versions of certain hair removal machines used by professional clinics worldwide. It is a form of permanent hair removal at home if used on schedule and on a regular basis.

Achieving optimum results, however, require multiple treatments over a period of time. Having your very own device is going to save you thousands of dollars in treatments. It will also be convenient because you can do it at home anytime you want.

As with any DIY treatment, there will be limitations. Even if you have the best home hair laser removal machine, there are areas in the face and body where only a trained professional is (and should be) allowed to use the laser on due to safety reasons. This includes in between the eyebrows (Don’t risk damaging your eyes because of a unibrow!), the genital area, and other potentially problematic areas. Having it professionally done ensures safety in all aspects. At home, you’ll have to learn how to use the device properly and under what circumstances it can and can’t be used.

If this is your first foray into laser hair removal, no worries because we’ve got you covered. The basics of what you need to know are enumerated below.

Jump to: What to ExpectLaser Hair Removal User GuideSafety Reminders

It can be but there is no guarantee. These machines are designed to break the cycle of hair growth. The laser or light energy will disable the root of your hair until it naturally falls out. However, as part of your body’s normal physiology, your hair will grow again. The FDA considers laser hair removal as “hair reduction” because any hormonal change can cause previously inactive hair to grow anytime.

One of the great things about laser treatment though is, unlike shaving or waxing, the hair growing back will be fewer and finer than before. Hair follicles are like weeds–the more you treat it with laser, the fewer they come back. And with continuous treatments, the results can be permanent hair reduction.

There are a few accounts of people reporting permanent hair removal at home i.e. their hair has never grown back again after a few sessions. It’s likely though that their body has adapted to the treatments and their hair growth has been delayed much longer than they expected as a result of continuous use.

In any case, keeping a regular schedule is very important to achieve great results and be virtually hair-free.

  1. The technology used for hair removal (laser vs. IPL). A laser is more precise and effective, especially for dense and coarse hair. IPL generally needs more frequent sessions to achieve the same results.
    (Jump to: Diode lasers vs. IPL)
  2. The maximum strength of the hair-eliminating light energy (the higher the energy, the more effective it is).
  3. The design of the device (flash window size, corded vs. battery-powered, the number of flashes, etc.). Refer to the chart above and choose the features that best suit your needs and lifestyle.

Typically 6-12 depending on the skin, the area of the body, laser used, hair density, and coarseness. Having a regular schedule is also crucial for success. If you do this on a regular basis, you can upend any future growth and have virtually permanent hair removal at home.

No, there are certain limitations for different devices. These are usually:

  • Areas of the face and body – Some older versions of at-home devices are not suitable for facial use and in certain parts of the body. The devices above, however, can be used for the face and body. Typical suitable male and female body areas include legs, arms, bikini line, underarms, hands, chest, back, and abdomen. For the face, most of these devices are recommended for use on women’s facial hair from cheek line downward like the cheeks, upper lip, chin, and neck.
    (Jump to: Safety Reminders)
  • Areas with skin conditions – Damaged skin (sunburned, tanned), inked or tattooed skin, irritated skin (peeling, redness), skin conditions (eczema, acne, psoriasis, herpes, active infections, wounds, etc.), areas with heavily freckled skin, birthmarks, warts, and dark moles, are some of the restrictions for use.
    (Jump to: Safety Reminders)
  • Certain skin tones – Most devices are suitable for light to medium skin tones, however, there are some that can accommodate darker skin tones. The machines above has built-in safety sensors designed to check the skin tone before use. You can also manually check the skin tone guide as noted above if you fall under a suitable category.
  • Certain hair colors – The technology mostly works on darker hair because it relies on the pigment of the hair follicle to work. The higher the contrast between your skin tone and hair color, the more effective your treatment will be.

Diode laser and IPL treatments are highly effective and safe. Both target the melanin i.e. color in the hair root and results are pretty much the same in terms of permanent hair reduction.

In clinical studies, however, diode lasers were found to be more effective than IPL. IPL needs more sessions to achieve the same results as diode lasers.

This is down to the type of light used and the way it expels on the skin. This affects the light energy that can be used by a device and the number of treatments required to achieve results, among other factors.

Diode lasers are more efficient, and the more expensive done in-office.

Because of the high energy used by diode lasers, the stinging sensation and inflammation you may experience will be more pronounced. Despite this, most patients prefer lasers over IPL due to its efficacy. You can always use numbing creams if you have sensitive skin or have low pain tolerance.

Laser – monochromatic and very high energy light source, focused only on the hair follicle. More suitable for darker skin tones. Faster results, more expensive.

IPL (Intense Pulsed Laser) – Broadband pulsed light source flashed on the hair and surrounding skin. Depending on the device’s light energy, may need more treatment sessions in comparison. A more affordable alternative to laser.

And that’s it! Thanks for dropping by. We hope this guide can help you with your at-home hair removal journey. If you have any further questions, feel free to drop me a comment and we’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Here’s to a flawless and hair-free future!


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