ViQure EpiPro vs. Silk’n Infinity Laser Hair Removal: An Esthetician’s Guide

Our Esthetician’s Guide: Silk’n Infinity vs. ViQure EpiPro will help you choose which laser hair removal device best gives you safe and permanent results.

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Product Comparison Table:
ViQure EpiPro vs. Silk'n Infinity Laser Hair Removal Overview

Esthetician Tip: Save time by process of elimination. Check if the device is compatible with your skin & hair color first, then compare by technology, power, safety, and other features.

Silk'n InfinityViQure EpiPro – Professional 808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine
Silk'n Infinity Review by Gabrielle Sterin/
Verdict:Best IPL device for dark complexions (black skin, brown skin) and Sensitive skinMost Effective for All Skin Tones & Body Areas
Ideal for:Medium to dark skin tones, Full body treatments, Sensitive skin, or Low pain toleranceAll skin types, All body areas including between the eyebrows & Brazilian (No IPL device is FDA-approved safe for treating above the cheekbones & beyond bikini); Stubborn hair prone to re-growth with IPL, Multi-function device: Permanent Hair Reduction + Skin Rejuvenation
Technology:eHPL™ technology (IPL + Galvanic Current)Diode Laser
Energy Fluence / Power:2.5-4 J/cm² + 70-400 microampere (µA) Galvanic CurrentMax 20 J/cm²
Flashes:400,000 flashes5,000,000 pulses, the highest pulse count among all at-home laser hair removal devices
Safety Mechanism:Automatic skin tone detector, Contact sensor, Recessed flash windowCooling System: Semiconductor + Wind Cooling (0°C~5°C), FREE therapy glasses & goggles included, Cooling gel (sold separately)
Pain Level:Pain-free, with Galvanic CurrentPain-free, minimized with built-in cooling system, SHR technique, and cooling gels (sold separately)
Pulsing Technique:HR (Hair Removal) / Single PassSHR (Super Hair Removal) / Multiple Passes
Flash Window/Spot Size:2.7 cm² (0.9cm x 3cm)12mm x 14mm (1.68 cm²)
Frequency:Treatments 1-4: Done 2 weeks apart, Treatments 5-7: Done 4 weeks apart, Treatments 8+: Done as necessary until permanent hair removalUse once every two weeks for the first 3-6 months, or until you see permanent results.
Power System:Mains-powered, CordedMains-powered, Corded
Skin Tone Coverage:fitzpatrick scale I-VIfitzpatrick scale I-VI
Hair Color Coverage:human hair color spectrum
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Ask the Expert: Which is better for you, the Silk'n Infinity or ViQure EpiPro?


When deciding between the Silk'n Infinity and ViQure EpiPro, it comes down to your specific requirements and priorities.

Most IPL devices can only be used on light skin, dark hair, and certain body parts.[1]

Silk'n Infinity is an innovative IPL device with proprietary technology that can be used on all skin tones.[2]

Silk'n Infinity

Best IPL device for dark complexions & sensitive skin
Proprietary eHPL™ technology (IPL + Galvanic Current) for hair removal & skin rejuvenation
One of the very few home laser devices that can be used on ALL skin tones
Among the longest wavelength that can penetrate deep-seated roots
Optional cleansing box that disinfects to allow device sharing
Portable size + silver casing included for easy travel
Gentle, low-powered IPL may not be effective on strong, resilient hair
May take an estimated 8-10 sessions for visible results, longer than most devices
Silk’n Infinity Hair Removal Device Review

It uses eHPL™, a combination of galvanic energy + a gentler form of IPL.

This makes it especially suited to sensitive skin and dark complexions.

Additionally, it offers skin rejuvenation benefits as a byproduct of its galvanic energy.

However, it's still subject to the other limits of IPL. This includes subpar efficacy on light hair and restricted use on body parts.

Its gentle energy of just 2.5-4 J/cm² may also not work on strong, resilient hair will require more sessions to see results. 

If you have sensitive skin and a dark complexion, and you're looking for a gentle and affordable option, the Silk'n Infinity is a solid choice.

But if you have a light to medium skin tone, you can withstand shorter wavelengths and higher intensity lasers more than darker skin. Therefore, there are devices with much more powerful energy fluences that can get you results much quicker.[3]

Resources: Silk’n Infinity In-Depth Review by Esthetician: Best IPL for Dark Skin (Black & Brown Skin)

ViQure EpiPro – Diode Laser Machine

Designed for professional & home use
4x more powerful than most IPL devices with max 20 J/cm²
Multi-functional device: Hair Removal & Skin Rejuvenation
Painless treatments with Advanced TEC (Thermoelectric Cooling), SHR technique, & Cooling gel (sold separately)
Highest pulse count at 5,000,000+ flashes
Effective for all skin types, all hair colors, & all body areas including dark skin, Brazilian, & between the eyebrows
FREE therapy glasses & goggles
Can be expensive without a coupon

If you have the budget to invest and prioritize efficiency and effectiveness, the ViQure EpiPro, with its diode laser technology, is a strong choice.

Diode lasers deliver more precise and lasting results, requiring fewer treatment sessions for effective hair removal.

The ViQure EpiPro is a hybrid laser hair removal system that stands between a commercial machine and a home-use device.

At a staggering max 20 J/cm² and 5 million shots, it's easily 4x more powerful than any IPL device. It offers advanced safety features like contact cooling and the use of SHR (Super Hair Removal) technique.

It can be used on all skin tones, all hair colors, and all body parts as well.

The only downside to this device is the price tag. 

It's a cost-effective alternative to laser hair removal machines that range from $5,000 to $20,000 USD, but is expensive compared to regular at-home devices.

Resources: ViQure EpiPro – 808nm Diode Laser Machine In-Depth Review by an Esthetician

Ultimately, your choice should align with your skin type, hair color, budget, and your preference.

For a faster, more efficient solution, go with the ViQure EpiPro

If you prefer a gentler, cost-effective approach, the Silk'n Infinity might be the better choice for you.

Both devices are designed with user safety in mind, so you can confidently select the one that suits your unique needs.

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Viable Alternatives:

If you don't think the Tria 4x or JOVS Venus Pro is right for you, below are some of the other devices we've reviewed and highly recommend.


VS. Other At-Home Laser Hair Removal


Highly-Rated At-Home Laser Hair Removal Devices

Pro & Cons: ViQure EpiPro vs. Silk'n Infinity

ViQure EpiPro – Professional 808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine for Home & Salon Use

Video: 808nm diode laser hair removal device for home and salon use

  • Designed for professional and home use
  • Multi-functional device: offershair removal & skin rejuvenation 
  • Permanent hair reduction using high-energy diode laser, not IPL. Diode laser is one of the only four lasers used by physicians for in-clinic laser hair removal.[4]
  • Less number of treatments required to see results: Diode lasers only need once-a-month sessions vs. IPL devices that needs weekly sessions on average for 3-6 months[5]
  • Effective for all skin types, unlike most devices that can only treat light to medium skin tones and dark hair[6]
  • Can be used on all hair colors, unlike most devices which can only treat dark hair[7]
  • Can be used on all major body parts, including areas off limits to most devices
  • Advanced TEC (Thermoelectric Cooling) Cooling for safer and pain-free treatments[8]
  • Highest pulse count of any at-home laser hair device at 5,000,000 shots. Long Service Life.
  • 3.5-Inch LCD Touch Screen for easy operations and intuitive control
  • 808 nm ±10% Long-pulse Wavelength, reaches deep-seated strong roots[9]
  • Compact, durable build made from medical plastics
  • Uses SHR (Super Hair Removal) Technique for safer, more effective treatments[10]
  • Adjustable frequency, energy fluence, pulse duration for comfort and efficacy
  • Free therapy glasses included for operator and safety goggles client
  • FDA and CE Approved Quality
  • Requires cooling gel
  • Expensive without a coupon. The price point is between a professional machine and an at-home device. This means it’s an affordable choice for businesses but can be an investment for individual use.
  • Requires multiple passes in an area for 3-5 minutes, but doesn’t have a built-in timer

Silk'n Infinity IPL Device

Video: Silk'n Infinity IPL – eHPL™ hair removal with light pulses

  • FDA Cleared and Approved by Health Canada, GMP & ISO Medical.
    One of the few portable devices that can be used on ALL skin tones including brown, black, or Indian skin, and has one of the broadest coverage of hair colors
    One of the safest at-home laser hair removal machines due to the brand’s proprietary Enhanced Home Pulsed Light™[10], and its numerous failsafe mechanisms:
    • Automatic Skin Color Sensor, Recessed Flash Window – Protects the Skin, Prevents you from accidentally wasting any flashes
    • Skin Contact Sensor – Protects the Eyes
  • Among longest wavelength compared to average IPL devices, which ensures that it penetrates far into the skin to reach deep-seated hair roots and is safer for darker skin tones
  • Brand Reputation. Silk’n has more than a decade of building innovative hair removal devices. They are one of the first companies to get FDA clearance for home IPLs way back in 2008.
  • Unique cleansing box that provides thorough disinfection and allows device sharing, something actively discouraged with most at-home laser hair removal devices
  • Small, light, and easy to use on small and large areas of the body
  • Silver casing makes it convenient to bring for travel
  • Skin rejuvenation is a byproduct of galvanic energy, a type of electrotherapy that’s used in facials and body treatments
  • Enhanced Home Pulsed Light™ has intrinsically low energy fluence. This is to emphasize safety, especially for darker skin tones. This comes at the expense of quicker results and will likely take you longer than advertised to see permanent hair reduction. You’ll need patience and discipline in keeping to your schedule.
  • If you buy the cleansing box bundle and share the device with multiple people, you can run out of flashes. That “lifetime use” is really for one person. Since the Silk'n Infinity‘s cartridge is built-in, you’ll have to buy a new unit once the lamp runs out of flashes.

Laser Hair Removal Key Comparison: ViQure EpiPro vs. Silk'n Infinity

Laser hair removal requires consistency and commitment. This process aims to gradually reduce unwanted hair until it becomes so thin and sparse as to be practically invisible.

This process must be undertaken safely and efficiently to get permanent results.[4]

When it comes to laser hair removal at home, you must choose a product that not only works effectively but makes you feel comfortable using it.

To help you make an informed purchase decision, we've outlined our experiences with the at-home laser hair removal products below.

Unboxing: Package Contents

ViQure EpiPro Review by Samantha Welch/
ViQure EpiPro Review by Samantha Welch/

ViQure EpiPro: What's Inside the Box? 

  1. Primary Components: A compact console that cradles and connects to the handpiece, Power supply cable
  2. Accessories: Laser safety glasses (for the operator), Laser safety goggles (for the client), Quick user guide

Resources: Unboxing the ViQure EpiPro

silkn infinity review
Silk'n Infinity Review by Gabrielle Sterin/

Silk’n Infinity: What's Inside the Box? 

  1. Primary Components: Silver Beauty Case, Handheld Unit, Mains Power + Adaptor
  2. Accessories: Cleaning Cloth, Warranty Card, User Manual

Resources: Unboxing the Silk'n Infinity

Product Design & Our Experience

Product Build and Design

The ViQure EpiPro, consists of two parts: a central console that holds its machinery and a lightweight handpiece that pulses the diode laser. 

This is very similar to how professional laser hair removal machines are designed. It also looks quite clinical with its white base coat and blue accents.

Connecting both parts is a generous 6.56-foot cord. The long length of it allows for freedom of movement so you easy treat even hard-to-reach areas.

It also features a 3.5″ LED color touch screen that helps you easily navigate through different settings and parameters.

This device is built for power and durability, making it an excellent choice for home and salon use.

Silkn Infinity Image: The pulse button in front where you press and trigger a flash. You need to touch the base electrode on the back simultaneously to activate the galvanic energy.
Image: The pulse button in front where you press and trigger a flash. You need to touch the base electrode on the back simultaneously to activate the galvanic energy.

The Silk'n Infinity on the other hands is built for portability. All of its components are housed in a lightweight, handheld device.

It’s made of durable plastic and metal and has an ergonomic shape that provides a comfortable grip. 

Diode lasers require much more power and machinery compared to IPL devices, which are mainly powered by quartz lamps. 

Even the addition of galvanic current mechanism doesn’t lend much to the Silk'n Infinitys physical weight.

Operations are also much simpler in comparison to the ViQure EpiPro

There are 4 areas you intact with: the big pulse/flash button up front, the control button at the back that you toggle for energy levels, the silver base electrode you touch to activate galvanic energy, and the flash window on the business end.

Both devices are constructed from durable materials and should withstand regular use for years without significant wear and tear.

However, remember that the ViQure EpiPro was also built for commercial use. Salon-grade machines have sturdy construction to endure frequent heavy use. In addition, ViQure manufactures medical-grade products, ensuring its quality.

Reference: Product Design & Using the ViQure EpiPro Professional 808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine, Product Design & Our Experience Using the Silk'n Infinity

Which is Better? Considering the ViQure EpiPro‘s commercial-grade build and the brand’s medical-grade product expertise, it has the edge between these two devices.

Winner: ViQure EpiPro

Operations & Ease of Use

At-home devices should be intuitive and easy to use. 

These products allow you to perform safe laser treatments at home without expert supervision.

Silk'n Infinity Esthetician Review

The Silk'n Infinity has very simple controls. 

Up front is the Pulse Button that triggers the flashes.

At the back is the Control Button that corresponds with 5 Energy Level Indicator Lights and a Skin Tone Warning that lets you know if the current area you’re flashing at is safe to treat at the level you have chosen. 

The darker the skin, the lower the energy level allowed.

Below is the silver plate or the Base Electrode that starts the galvanic energy. To make it work, you need to keep your hand in constant contact with it.

Resources: How to Use the Silk’n Infinity

Comparatively, the ViQure EpiPro has a more advanced system that you can control through its 3.5″ LED color touch screen. 

This device is designed for use in a salon setting, so it has many additional features to accommodate body parts, skin tones, hair colors and individual pain tolerance.

It also has a separate interface for its Laser Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation modes.

Reference: ViQure EpiPro 3.5-inch LCD Touch Screen: Two Functions, One Solution

Both devices are user-friendly, even the more complex ViQure EpiPro.

Which is Better? The ViQure EpiPro simplifies the complex process of professional laser hair removal into an easy-to-follow system. However, the simplicity of the Silk'n Infinity makes it effortless to operate.

Winner: Silk'n Infinity

Size, Weight, & Portability

Size and weight matter for treatment comfort. Portability is needed for travel or use in different locations.

A lightweight device will be easier to handle and maneuver, ensuring you can target all your treatment areas without feeling strained or tired.

The ViQure EpiPro is quite heavy at 5.5 lbs (2.2kg). However, the majority of this weight is located on the central console. The handpiece is lightweight, ergonomic, and easy to handle during treatments.

Reference: ViQure EpiPro Size & Portability

The Silk'n Infinity weighs only 225 grams and is smaller and lighter, making it highly portable and easy to pack for on-the-go treatments.

It’s made for traveling, underscored by the silver beauty case.

Reference: Silk’n Infinity Size & Portability

Winner: Silk'n Infinity

Frequency & Results

Laser Hair Removal Device:Frequency of Treatments:
ViQure EpiProUse once a month for the first 3-6 months, or until you see permanent results.
Tria 4xUse once every two weeks for the first 3-6 months, or until you see permanent results.
Silk'n InfinityUse once every two weeks for the first 2 months, then once a month until you see permanent results.
JOVS Venus ProUse 3x-4x weekly for the initial few weeks, followed by monthly or as-need basis as maintenance.
Ulike Sapphire Air+2x a week for 4-12 weeks.

The ViQure EpiPro should be used once a month for the first 3-6 months or until permanent results are seen. Professional laser hair removal sessions follow a similar treatment schedule.

The Silk'n Infinity, however, recommends more frequent treatments. The treatment plan consists of four initial treatments spaced two weeks apart. After these first four treatments, three subsequent treatments will be spaced four weeks apart. 

Once you have completed the first seven treatments, you can continue to use the treatment as needed to achieve your desired results. Additionally, you may need maintenance sessions if hair growth becomes visible.

Reference: Expected Results: ViQure EpiProSilk’n Infinity Treatment Plan: Schedule, Frequency

Which is Better? ViQure EpiPro is a better option for laser hair removal with its less frequent treatment schedule. This provides convenience and comfort while still achieving comprehensive hair reduction.

Winner: ViQure EpiPro

Pulsing Technique 

The pulsing technique in hair removal devices refers to the method used to deliver energy to the hair follicles.

It involves emitting controlled bursts or pulses of light or energy to target and disrupt hair follicles, ultimately reducing hair growth.

Different devices employ various pulsing techniques, such as single pass HR or multiple passes SHR, to achieve hair removal results.

Like most IPL devices, Silk'n Infinity uses the single pass HR (Hair Removal) technique. 

This technique involves stamping the area once and gradually moving the device in a grid-like pattern to cover the entire treatment area.

While straightforward and efficient, this method demands precision and considerable time when treating larger areas.

Viqure EpiPro - SHR hair removal at home
Viqure EpiPro – SHR hair removal at home

The ViQure EpiPro, on the other hand, utilizes an SHR (Super Hair Removal) technique with multiple passes.[5]

In this method, the device pulses the energy multiple times over the same area in quick succession over a cooling gel

This method gradually destroys hair follicles by heating them with each pass.

Reference: ViQure EpiPro: SHR (Super Hair Removal) Technique, The Ultimate SHR vs. HR Guide  – Which is Right for You?

Which is Better? ViQure EpiPro‘s SHR with cooling gel technique is generally considered more effective and comfortable when treated with high energy levels. It allows faster treatments with better coverage and reduces discomfort and side effects.

The Silk'n Infinity only needs a single pass and does not require cooling gel. It’s gentle energy also shouldn’t require cooling. This makes it more convenient, but it takes longer, and treatments require more precision from the user.

The choice ultimately depends on your preferences and comfort. 

Winner: TIE

Lifespan & Warranty

Laser Hair Removal Device:Lifespan/No. of Flashes:Warranty:
ViQure EpiPro5,000,0001-year repair warranty
Tria 4x90,0002-year warranty
Silk'n Infinity400,0001-year warranty
JOVS Venus Pro500,0001-year replacement warranty
Ulike Sapphire Air+1,000,0002-year warranty

Several factors come into play when considering the lifespan and longevity of your laser hair removal device. These include the number of pulses, durability, battery life, and general wear and tear.

The Silk'n Infinity is marketed as “lifetime use” in the US, but has a specific limit of 400,000 flashes set by the European Union.

However, the ViQure EpiPro stands out with over 5,000,000 built-in pulses, making it a more durable and long-lasting option.

Reference: ViQure DepiMini Quality, Durability, & LifespanSilk'n Infinity Quality & Durability – Lifetime Cartridge

Which is Better? For a more reliable and durable device with a commercial-grade build and numerous built-in pulses, the ViQure EpiPro is superior to the Silk'n Infinity and other similar devices.

Winner: ViQure EpiPro


Silk’n Infinity:

  • Skin Tone Coverage: In the United States and Canada, the FDA permits use for Fitzpatrick skin types I-V, while the European Union version extends to Fitzpatrick I-VI. This variation is due to differing guidelines and regulations.
  • Hair Color Coverage: Silk'n Infinity is most effective on naturally dark blonde to black hair. However, it may be less effective on naturally white, grey, light blonde, or red hair.
  • Treatment Areas: For facial use, it's safe below the cheekbones, excluding areas near the eyes or lips, and is suitable for both female and male facial hair. On the body, you can use it on the shoulders, underarms, arms, chest (excluding nipples), back, legs, and the bikini area.

Reference: Silk’n Infinity Compatibility Guide: Skin Tone, Hair Color, & Treatment Areas

ViQure EpiPro:

  • Skin Tone Coverage: ViQure EpiPro accommodates all Fitzpatrick skin types, from I to VI, encompassing all skin tones. This is a remarkable feature, as most IPL devices cannot effectively treat dark skin tones.
  • Hair Color Coverage: The device is versatile and works with all hair colors, including gray, white, blonde, and red hair. Lighter hair colors may require more treatment sessions for optimal results.
  • Treatment Areas: ViQure EpiPro targets all major body areas, including areas above the cheekbones and a full Brazilian. Notably, it's the only FDA-approved IPL device approved for these areas, making it stand out in its coverage.

Reference: ViQure EpiPro Compatibility Guide

Dark Skin and Laser Hair Removal:

Performing laser hair removal on dark skin can be challenging. Most laser devices, including professional ones, are typically most effective on those with light to olive skin and dark hair. This limitation extends to at-home laser hair removal devices as well.

However, both the Silk'n Infinity and ViQure EpiPro devices break this pattern. They cover the entire Fitzpatrick scale, from skin types I to VI. If you have dark skin and are looking for an effective at-home laser hair removal solution, these devices are your best choice.

Which is better? While both offer extensive skin tone coverage, the ViQure EpiPro is compatible with all hair colors, including lighter shades. Additionally, the ViQure EpiPro‘s ability to effectively target areas above the cheekbones and a full Brazilian sets it apart as a comprehensive and versatile option for laser hair removal.

Winner: ViQure EpiPro

Technology: Diode Laser (vs. eHPL)

Hair Removing Mechanism

Video: IPL vs. eHPL™

How Silk’n Infinity’s eHPL™ Technology Works

Elos Hair Removal (eHPL™) technology combines Galvanic Energy and Optical Energy for effective hair reduction. 

Here's how these two energies work together:

  • Galvanic Energy: The major advantage of Galvanic Energy is its ability to reach hairs efficiently while being gentle on the skin. This is achieved through a special process: an electrode plate, located near the treatment area at the rear of the device, delivers energy to the skin. When the electrode touches the skin, it opens the skin pores, allowing Optical Energy access to the hair follicle. This process is not visible to the naked eye due to the small size of the pores.
  • Optical Energy: Optical Energy, in the form of eHPL™ light pulses emitted by the device, heats up the hair follicle, ultimately destroying it. With each treatment, the number of hairs is reduced, leading to permanent results. After treatment, the pores naturally close.

eHPL™: eHPL™ technology, which features the combination of both Galvanic and Optical energies, is proprietary to Silk'n. Both energies are emitted simultaneously to permanently reduce unwanted body and facial hair. This innovative approach ensures effective and lasting results, all within the convenience of your home.

ViQure EpiPro’s Diode Laser Technology

Diode laser technology is a precise and effective method for various applications, including hair removal, skin rejuvenation, and more. It utilizes semiconductor diode lasers to emit a concentrated and specific wavelength of light.

In the context of hair removal, diode lasers target melanin, which is the pigment responsible for hair color, within the hair follicles. The laser emits a beam of light that is absorbed by the melanin in the hair. This generates heat, which damages the hair follicle, inhibiting hair growth. Over time and with repeated treatments, diode laser technology can lead to significant and long-term hair reduction.

A few reasons why a diode is considered more effective than most devices on the market:

  • Targeting Specific Wavelength – Diode lasers operate at a specific wavelength (e.g., 808nm, 810 nm). Melanin, the pigment that provides color to hair, absorbs most of this wavelength and allows precise targeting of hair follicles. IPL emits a wide spectrum of wavelengths, limiting its target specificity. Having a distinct wavelength allows diode lasers to deliver energy to hair follicles more efficiently.
  • Energy Concentration – Diode lasers focus energy on a single wavelength, improving hair removal efficiency and effectiveness. Using concentrated energy minimizes damage to the surrounding skin while targeting hair follicles. 
  • Higher Energy Levels – Diode lasers typically deliver higher energy levels than IPL devices. In hair removal, higher energy levels can provide more effective heating and damage to the hair follicles, resulting in better results. Due to their broader range of wavelengths, IPL devices may have limitations to delivering higher energy levels, resulting in less effective hair removal.
  • Professional-Grade Performance – Devices such as the ViQure EpiPro offer professional-grade performance, with technology and power comparable to those found in salons and clinics. As a result of their higher power and precision, they reduce hair growth more effectively and delivering long-lasting results. In many cases, at-home IPL devices may not be as powerful or precise as those available in a clinic, which could result in less effective treatments.

References: ViQure EpiPro – Product Technology, Silk’n Infinity: Product Specifications

Which is better? As a result of delivering higher levels of energy to the hair follicles with better precision, devices like the ViQure EpiPro can work better at inhibiting hair growth over time.

Winner: ViQure EpiPro

Energy Fluence (Laser Power) & Pain Levels

Figure: Comparison of the device levels and energy fluence of our top choices for the best at-home laser hair removal devices.
Figure: Comparison of the device levels and energy fluence of our top choices for the best at-home laser hair removal devices.
Laser Hair Removal Device:Max Power / Energy Fluence:
ViQure EpiProMax 20 J/cm²
Tria 4x6-22 J/cm²
Silk'n Infinity2.5-4 J/cm² + 70-400 microampere (µA) Galvanic Current
JOVS Venus Pro1 – 6 J/cm²
Ulike Sapphire Air+19.8 J / 6.022 J/cm²

A laser hair removal treatment's effectiveness is greatly influenced by energy fluence.

As the energy fluence level increases, the roots are destroyed more effectively, resulting in longer-lasting hair reduction. Finding the right balance is crucial, as too much energy can cause discomfort or adverse effects.

Using lower energy fluence levels might be more comfortable, but may not be effective enough to prevent hair regrowth since the hair follicles might not be sufficiently damaged.

With a maximum of 20 J/cm², the ViQure EpiPro is far more powerful than the Silk'n Infinity, which only generates values between 2.5-4 J/cm².

References: ViQure Energy Fluence, Silk’n Infinity Energy Fluence

The cooling system on ViQure mitigates any discomfort associated with its use of high energy and protects the surrounding skin during treatment.

  • Cooling Gel – During the procedure, a cooling gel acts as a protective barrier to minimize the risk of overheating.
  • Built-in Cooling System – The device incorporates a dedicated contact cooling system that continuously cools the skin during treatment. It prevents discomfort and reduces the likelihood of adverse reactions.
  • Super Hair Removal (SHR) Technique – ViQure EpiPro delivers laser pulses in multiple passes using the SHR technique. Using this approach reduces the risk of adverse effects while maintaining effective hair reduction.

Silk'n Infinity does not have a cooling system as part of its safety mechanisms. 

Laser Hair Removal Device:Safety/Cooling Mechanism:
ViQure EpiProCooling System: Semiconductor + Wind Cooling (0°C~5°C), FREE therapy glasses & goggles included, Cooling gel (sold separately)
Tria 4xSkin tone + contact sensor
Silk'n InfinityAutomatic skin tone + contact sensor, Recessed flash window
JOVS Venus ProSapphire Skin-Cooling System + Contact sensors. Custom modes for each body part. Recessed flash window. FREE IPL glasses + Razor
Ulike Sapphire Air+Sapphire Ice-Cooling Technology. Custom modes for each body part. FREE IPL glasses + Razor.

Which is Better? Silk'n Infinity and ViQure EpiPro are both designed for comfort and efficacy. However, the ViQure EpiPro's exceptionally high energy paired with its effective cooling mechanisms make it the better option. This allows for a personalized and gentle treatment experience while maintaining high energy fluency.

As with any laser hair removal procedure, individual pain tolerance may vary. However, overall, both devices aim to provide effective hair removal with manageable discomfort.

Winner: ViQure EpiPro

Spot Size 

Spot size refers to the diameter of the area on your skin that the laser device treats in a single pulse. In other words, it's the size of the laser beam as it contacts your skin. 

Spot size is a critical factor in the efficiency and effectiveness of laser hair removal treatments.

With a larger spot size, a larger surface area is covered with each pulse, which speeds up the treatment process. 

This is especially valuable for those who want to treat larger areas like the legs or back.

Laser Hair Removal Device:Spot Size:
ViQure EpiPro12mm x 14mm (1.68 cm²)
Braun Silk-Expert 5Standard Head: 3 cm², Precision Head: 1.5 cm²
Silk'n Infinity 2.7 cm² (0.9cm x 3cm)
JOVS Venus Pro1 cm² – 3.3 cm²
Ulike Sapphire Air+3.2 cm²

The ViQure EpiPro has a spot size of 12mm x 14mm, which equals 1.68 cm². The smaller spot size necessitates more passes to cover a larger area. 

In contrast, the Silk'n Infinity offers a larger flash window at 2.7 cm², which is equivalent to 0.9cm x 3cm. This larger spot size allows for a more extensive coverage area with each pulse. It streamlines the treatment process, particularly for users targeting larger areas.

That said, it's important to note that the ViQure EpiPro uses the much easier single pass or SHR technique compared to the Silk'n Infinity ’s single pass or HR technique.

So while the Silk'n Infinity might have the larger spot size, it requires more precision and time when doing treatments.

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Which is Better? While the Silk'n Infinity boasts a larger spot size, it demands more precision and time during treatments. The ViQure EpiPro‘s SHR technique introduces an element of speed and ease into the equation. Your preference between the two should align with your specific treatment needs, whether you prioritize coverage or a simplified treatment process.

Winner: TIE

Laser Wavelength & Depth of Penetration

A laser's wavelength determines how deep it can penetrate the skin to reach the hair follicles. The longer the wavelength, the deeper it reaches.

The ViQure EpiPro has a 808 nm wavelength. This wavelength is highly effective on all skin types and hair colors but less effective on lighter, finer hair.

The Silk'n Infinity however stands out with its impressive wavelength range of 475-1200nm among at-home laser hair removal devices. This range is best for dark skin as it allows minimal absorption by the melanin in the epidermis. This enables the laser to reach the hair roots without harming the skin.

Most professional and at-home devices have shorter wavelengths, which pose a higher risk for dark skin. This limitation often restricts their use to Fitzpatrick skin types I-IV. Silk'n Infinity has overcome these limitations on IPL, ensuring user safety and effective coverage for a broad range of skin and hair types.

However, there is an affinity for hemoglobin/blood vessels at this wavelength.

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Which is Better? Both the ViQure EpiPro and the Silk'n Infinity utilize near-infrared laser wavelengths. Both wavelengths effectively target hair follicles and reduce hair by focusing on melanin absorption. Considering its larger spot size and wider range of wavelength, the Silk'n Infinity has the advantage.

Winner: Silk'n Infinity


Silk'n Infinity has FDA clearance and approval from Health Canada, showcasing its commitment to meeting strict medical standards, including GMP and ISO certifications. 

It also incorporates several key design features: an automatic skin color sensor, a skin contact sensor, and a recessed flash window.

These safety mechanisms protect both the eyes and the skin during hair removal.

The ViQure EpiPro is equally dedicated to safety, with essential certifications, including FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and CE (Conformité Européene). It also adheres to RoHS safety standards. These certifications and compliance affirm that the device has undergone thorough testing and complies with the necessary safety regulations.

The ViQure EpiPro incorporates several safety measures to safeguard the skin during hair removal treatments. These include the use of cooling gel, advanced TEC (Thermoelectric Cooling), and the Super Hair Removal (SHR) Technique. 

Additionally, it provides free IPL glasses for extra eye protection, improving the overall safety of the hair removal process

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Which is Better? Both the Silk'n Infinity and ViQure EpiPro have received FDA approval and incorporate unique safety mechanisms.

Winner: TIE


Both the ViQure EpiPro and Silk'n Infinity are excellent laser hair removal options especially for people with sensitive skin and dark complexions. 

The Silk'n Infinity stands out for its innovative eHPL technology, combining galvanic energy and IPL. It also has a larger spot size and a travel-friendly design, making it an excellent choice for those who prioritize convenience and versatility.

On the other hand, the ViQure EpiPro uses diode laser technology, offering more power and precision. This produces longer-lasting results, with a higher success rate than eHPL technology. Moreover, the ViQure EpiPro's ability to treat a wide range of skin tones, body parts, and hair colors makes it a more inclusive option. It also provides pain-free treatment thanks to its advanced cooling technology.

In the end, the ViQure EpiPro emerges as the winner. It combines power, ease of use, and advanced cooling technology to deliver the most effective and comfortable at-home laser hair removal experience. It is a comprehensive solution for those seeking top-tier results in the comfort of their own home.


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