Tria 4x vs. Silk’n Infinity: An Esthetician’s Guide

Our Esthetician’s Guide to the Tria 4x vs. Silk’n Infinity will let you know which laser hair removal device can better deliver safe and permanent results for you.

tria 4x vs silkn infinity comparison

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Ask the Expert: Which is better for you, the Tria 4x or Silk'n Infinity?


The Tria 4x and Silk'n Infinity are among our Esthetician’s Choice for the best laser hair removal devices of all time.

The more suitable device for you will depend mainly on your skin tone, hair color, and sensitivity.

If you have a lighter complexion, dark-colored hair, and strong and stubborn follicles, the better option for you would be the highest-intensity laser available for home use: the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X.[1]

Resources: Tria Beauty Laser 4x In-Depth Review

If you have sensitive skin or a dark complexion incompatible with most laser hair removal, the best choice for you would be the safest device we’ve tested for all skin tones: the Silk'n Infinity.[2]

Resources: Silk'n Infinity In-Depth Review

We've outlined the similarities and differences below in detail, but those mentioned above will still be your main qualifiers.

Product Comparison Table:
Tria 4x vs. Silk'n Infinity Devices

Esthetician Tip: Save time by process of elimination. Check if the device is compatible with your skin & hair color first, then compare by technology, power, safety, and other features.

Tria Hair Removal Laser 4XSilk’n Infinity
tria 4x laser hair removal reviewsilkn infinity review
Verdict:Strongest & Most Powerful At-Home Laser Hair Removal DeviceBest Device for Dark Skin, Light Hair, or Sensitive Skin
Ideal for:Stubborn, deep-seated hair prone to re-growth where IPL has been ineffective; Precision lasering for the face, underarm, & bikini; Looking for portable, cordless device.Light to dark skin (Fitzpatrick I-VI), Sensitive skin, Low pain tolerance
Technology:Diode LasereHPL™ technology (IPL + Galvanic Current)
Energy Fluence / Power:7-22 J/cm²2.5-4 J/cm² + 70-400 microampere (µA) Galvanic Current
Flashes:90,000 pulsesUnlimited flashes (400,000 flashes)
Safety Mechanism:Skin tone + contact sensorAutomatic skin tone + contact sensor
Skin Tone Coverage:fitzpatrick scale I-VI
Hair Color Coverage:human hair color spectrum
Read In-Depth ReviewRead In-Depth Review
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Overview: Tria 4x vs. Silk'n Infinity Systems

Tria Laser Hair Removal 4x

Video: At-home laser hair removal with Tria Beauty

This device is the closest you can get to medical grade in terms of power and technology.

The Tria 4x. is the only consumer device able to use a diode laser, one of the only four lasers used by physicians in professional laser hair removal. (The other lasers are Ruby, Alexandrite, and Nd:YAG. No portable versions of these are available as of this year. IPL is not laser; it is light technology.)[3]

If you want the highest chance of getting permanent results at home, the Tria 4x is by far miles ahead of the pack.

The device, however, is also limited by its technology. Diode lasers are only safe to use on light skin and dark hair. [4] The nature of laser delivery also limits it to a tiny flash window size. This feature makes it great for the face but time-consuming to use in large areas like the legs.

The Tria 4x is also a higher-end device and quite a splurge. Certainly not as expensive as professional services, but still an investment compared to the more affordable IPL machines.

Ideal for: Stubborn, deep-seated body hair prone to re-growth where IPL has been ineffective; precision lasering for the face, underarms, or bikini areas; looking for a cordless and portable device. 

Silk'n Infinity

Video: Silk’n Infinity IPL – eHPL™ hair removal with light pulses

The Silk'n Infinity is one of the only three portable devices that we've found to be up to standard in safely and effectively treating dark skin. (The other ones are mē Smooth and illuminage touch elos.)

If you’ve been shopping for at-home IPLs, you’ll notice that almost all of them limit skin coverage to Fitzpatrick V or dark brown and naturally dark hair at most.

This is because the mechanism of laser hair removal, called selective photothermolysis, is very high risk for dark skin and ineffective for light hair.

IPL targets melanin, causing damage with continuous application.

The goal of every hair removal machine is to make sure that its heat energy is localized to just the target root, not the surrounding skin.

Unfortunately, no IPL or laser equipment outside of professional Nd:YAG machines and long-pulse diode can do this with dark skin tones without some degree of complications like burns.

Most devices simply can’t differentiate between melanin in the hair and the skin.

What makes Silk’n unique, however, is it doesn’t just use IPL but a combination of it with galvanic current.

Galvanic current opens your pores and gives the IPL more straightforward access to your hair follicle.

This process amplifies the device’s hair-eliminating ability and reduces the need for dangerously high energy fluences to achieve the same results.

This unique system of hair removal is their proprietary eHPL™ (enhanced home pulse light).[5]

With its fool-proof automatic skin sensor, temporary pressure markings, longer wavelength, and low energy fluence—you'll have to really try for anything to go wrong using this device.

I've been using this at max level 5 and it only feels like a tiny, minute zap. It’s a great, relatively painless, and very safe option for sensitive skin, light hair, and skin tones up to Fitzpatrick VI.

The galvanic energy also gives you extra skin rejuvenation, a very nice addition, especially since EMS (electro-muscle stimulation or electrotherapy) treatments like this are very expensive. I wouldn’t mind a free 2-in-1 body rejuvenation!

That said, its superior safety measures seem to come at the expense of time and effort.

The estimated time to see results are within 5-6 months of recommended use. Quite a leap in comparison to other devices that averages 3-4 months.

This is also probably one of the reasons I’ve seen a good number of negative feedback.

If you’ve been conditioned by regular devices to see results in 12 weeks, you would be expecting the same here.

It’s important to remember, though, that ultimately, other devices aren’t close to capable of treating light hair and dark skin.

This has been scientifically proven to work if you do it right[1]—it just might take ages.

If you manage your timeframe and expectations, Silk'n Infinity‘s hair removal system can deliver where other devices can’t.

Ideal for: Light to dark skin (Fitzpatrick I-VI), Sensitive Skin, Low pain tolerance, and people with time and patience.

Pros & Cons:

Tria Hair Removal System 4x

tria 4x laser hair removal review
Images: Tria 4x Review by Michelle Evans/


  • The first and only FDA-cleared at-home laser hair removal device that uses a true laser, diode (vs. IPL or radiofrequency used by other devices).
  • Diode laser is proven to be more effective than IPL and requires fewer sessions to achieve permanent results. It is one of the most effective (and expensive) types of hair removal technology also used by high-end clinics and dermatologists worldwide.
  • Has the highest energy fluence/power of any at-home device at 7-22 J/cm2 vs. the normal rate of 4-8 cm2
  • The Tria 4x has won InStyle’s 2020 & 2021 Best Beauty Buys Award, where they survey top dermatologists to find out which laser devices they recommend.
  • No eyewear is needed as the device has a Class 1 laser, the safest type that cannot emit radiation at any hazardous levels.[6]
  • Safety features include a skin tone sensor that protects the skin and a contact sensor to protect the eyes.
  • Perfect for precision lasering; targets small areas like upper lips, underarms, and bikini lines
  • For those who have tried IPL technology and been proven to be ineffective for their hair growth, especially those dealing with hirsutism or PCOS
  • More portable and safer to use in the bathroom since its battery-powered
  • Brand Reputation. Tria Beauty has more than two decades of building innovative hair removal devices with solid customer support—something sorely lacking in cheap, off-brand devices.


  • Small flash window size, inefficient to use in larger areas like legs and arms
  • People with low pain tolerance may not be able to maximize its high energy levels without numbing creams or cooling gels
  • High-end, one of the most expensive at-home devices
  • Needs re-charging after 30 minutes of use

Silk'n Infinity IPL Device

silkn infinity review
Images: Silk'n Infinity Review by Gabrielle Sterin/


  • FDA Cleared and Approved by Health Canada, GMP & ISO Medical.
  • One of the few portable devices that can be used on ALL skin tones including brown, black, or Indian skin, and has one of the broadest coverage of hair colors
  • One of the safest at-home laser hair removal machines due to the brand’s proprietary Enhanced Home Pulsed Light™, and its numerous failsafe mechanisms:
    • Automatic Skin Color Sensor, Recessed Flash Window – Protects the Skin, Prevents you from accidentally wasting any flashes
    • Skin Contact Sensor – Protects the Eyes
  • Among longest wavelength compared to average IPL devices, which ensures that it penetrates far into the skin to reach deep-seated hair roots and is safer for darker skin tones
  • Brand Reputation. Silk’n has more than a decade of building innovative hair removal devices. They are one of the first companies to get FDA clearance for home IPLs way back in 2008.
  • Unique cleansing box that provides thorough disinfection and allows device sharing, something actively discouraged with most at-home laser hair removal devices
  • Small, light, and easy to use on small and large areas of the body
  • Silver casing makes it convenient to bring for travel
  • Solid customer support—Something sorely lacking in cheap, off-brand devices.
  • Skin rejuvenation is a byproduct of galvanic energy, a type of electrotherapy that’s used in facials and body treatments


  • Enhanced Home Pulsed Light™ has intrinsically low energy fluence. This is to emphasize safety, especially for darker skin tones. This comes at the expense of quicker results and will likely take you longer than advertised to see permanent hair reduction. You’ll need patience and discipline in keeping to your schedule.
  • You can run out of flashes if you buy the cleansing box bundle and share the device with multiple people. That “lifetime use” is really for one person. Since the Silk'n Infinity‘s cartridge is built-in, you’ll have to buy a new unit once the lamp runs out of flashes.

Laser Hair Removal Key Comparison: Tria 4x vs. Silk'n Infinity

Consistency and commitment are the keys to having an effective laser hair removal treatment, both professionally done and at home.

Your goal is to slowly damage your hair follicles during each session until it reaches the point where your hair is so thin and sparse that it’s negligible or can’t altogether grow back.

This process needs to be done safely, effectively, and repeatedly over some time to get permanent results.

At-home laser hair removal takes effort and patience; that’s why you need to choose a product that is not only effective but something you also feel comfortable with using.

Liking the product and wanting to use it is crucial in helping you stick with your treatment.

We’ve detailed our experiences with both the products below to give you as many details as you need to make an informed buying decision.


Both use proprietary tech from their brands to safely deliver permanent hair reduction.

The key difference lies in the type of laser light they use, the amount of power or energy fluence they can emit, and their skin and hair color coverage range.

Silk’n Infinity: eHPL™ Technology

Video: Silk'n Infinity Review – At-Home Laser Hair Removal Device

The Silk'n Infinity uses a variation of IPL called eHPLTM that combines home-use IPL with galvanic energy.

eHPL™ technology = Galvanic Energy + Optical Energy.

Galvanic energy opens up your pores, so the optical energy is flashed directly to the hair strand, allowing it to be absorbed entirely unencumbered.

This makes Silk'n Infinity an effective hair removal device even with its low-energy fluence and, most importantly, bypasses the limitations in skin tone and hair color compatibility of almost all at-home laser hair removal devices.

The Silk'n Infinity is only one of 3 devices we’ve encountered in the market that is compatible with all skin tones.

Resources: Silk'n Infinity Hair Removal Review: Technology

Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x: Diode Laser

Video: The technology behind Tria’s Hair Removal Laser | Tria Beauty®

99% of at-home laser hair removal devices use IPL or variations of it to provide hair reduction.

What makes the Tria Laser 4x truly outstanding is its use of a diode laser—1 of the only 4 lasers used by physicians in medical clinics for professional laser hair removal.[7]

Diode lasers are more potent than IPL, making the Tria 4x more effective for those compatible with it (light skin, dark hair) as a hair removal device.

For perspective, these are our Esthetician’s Choice for the top laser hair removal for home use and their respective energy fluences.

Silkn Infinity review. Figure: Comparison of the device levels and energy fluence of our top choices for the best at-home laser hair removal devices.
Figure: Comparison of the device levels and energy fluence of our top choices for the best at-home laser hair removal devices.
Laser Hair Removal Device:Technology:Device Levels:Maximum Energy Fluence/Power:
Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4XDL (Diode Laser)1-5 levels7 – 22 J/cm²
Silk'n InfinityeHPL™™ technology (IPL + Galvanic Energy)1-5 levels2.5 – 4 J/cm²
Braun Silk-Expert Pro 5 IPLIPL (Intense Pulsed Light)1-10 levels3 – 6 J/cm²
DEES 3-in-1 Permanent Hair Removal SystemIPL (Intense Pulsed Light)1-5 levels4.8 – 6 j/cm²
BoSidin Painless Permanent Hair Removal DeviceOptimal Pulse Technology (OPT) + Multi-frequency Continuous Pulse Technology1-6 levels2.8 – 8.2 J/cm²
Note: All devices utilize optical energy except for the Tria 4x, which uses a diode laser.

Note that the benchmark is reliant on energy fluence. E.g., Tria's 5 power levels are distributed over a wide energy fluence of 6-22 J/cm². This means every level has a considerable jump in intensity compared to Braun's 10 levels, where it maxes out at just 6 J/cm²

The Tria 4x significantly increases in intensity as you go from level 1 to 5.

Just on pure power and laser strength, Tria 4x hair removal is leaps and bounds ahead of the pack.

Resources: Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x Review – Technology & Product Specifications

Winner: Tria Laser Hair Removal 4x

Unboxing: Package Contents

The Tria Laser Hair Removal System 4x comes in a nice, sturdy box that you can use for storage. It’s nothing special, but it keeps things tidy and secure.

I keep the device in it whenever I need to charge so I don’t accidentally knock it off the counter. I’ve unfortunately done that several times when I leave it standing while charging.

Resources: Package Contents: Unboxing the Tria Laser Removal 4x

The Silk'n Infinity system comes with a silver beauty case and extra cleaning cloth that you can use for travel.

The accessories that come with the unit are the same, including the mains power adaptor/charger and user manuals.

The Silk'n Infinity bundle comes with a separate cleaning box, an innovative add-on that kills any residual bacteria in the treatment window area. Other brands discourage sharing the device with others because it’s unhygienic, but the cleaning box disinfects it with every use, making it amenable to sharing.

Resources: Package Contents: What’s in the Box? Unboxing the Silk’n Infinity

Product Design & Our Experience

Ease of Use, Weight, Portability

The Tria Beauty Laser 4x is the only cordless at-home laser hair removal device we’ve encountered, and the freedom of movement is liberating.

It’s battery-operated, which has its pros and cons. You can move around without being tied down to an outlet, but you have a 30-minute time limit until you need to charge.

The Tria 4x laser is also quite hefty compared to other devices with its miniature diode laser machine and lithium-ion batteries.

This added weight is negligible at first but can be tiring after a while.

It is easier to handle, though, with the ergonomic design of its airpod-like build and silicone grip, as opposed to the generic shape of the Silk'n Infinity.

Resources: Product Design & Our Experience Using the Tria 4X Laser

The Silk'n Infinity IPL is incredibly lighter in comparison, albeit slightly restrictive with the cord.

It’s made for traveling, underscored by its lightness and inclusion of the silver beauty case.

Both have internal cooling fans that sound like hairdryers, so you’ll want to work where you can make noise.

Resources: Product Design & Our Experience Using the Silk’n Infinity

Overall, the Tria 4x laser machine being a cordless device, trumps in terms of mobility and ease of use.

Winner: Tria Laser Hair Removal 4x


The Silk'n Infinity IPL device is very simple and straightforward.

You only have the giant pulse button to trigger flashes in manual or ‘pulsing’ mode and the 5-level indicators at the back that you can cycle through.

The silver plate or the base electrode triggers the galvanic energy at the back, which your hand needs to be in constant contact with for it to work.

The galvanic energy, ‘gliding’ or auto flashing mode, skin contact sensor, and skin color scanner are all automatic.

Resources: How To Use the Silk’n Infinity

The Tria 4x laser machine is still simple to operate, though it has a tad more manual steps in comparison.

The device is locked every time it’s not in use, which you must unlock using the skin tone scanner at the bottom.

You have an LED display at the top showing your battery life, lock or unlock status, power level, and a pulse counter.

The contact sensor automatically triggers the pulsing whenever the treatment window fully covers your skin, which is very convenient since you don't have to toggle any buttons.

Resources: How to Use Your Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x

They’re both intuitive to use, but the Silk'n Infinity is much easier to operate, even without the fancy LED display.

Winner: Silk'n Infinity

Lifespan / Longevity

An at-home laser hair removal device will last as long as its cartridge.

With IPL devices like the Silk'n Infinity, that’s the number of flashes its Xenon lamp can hold.

The brand advertises “lifetime use” in the US, while EU regulations require them to disclose its 400,000 flash capacity.

That amount can last you for a lifetime of use, provided you take care of the hardware.

The lamp is built-in and cannot be replaced.

Resources: 7 Key Things You Should Know Before Buying the Silk’n Infinity

The Tria 4x laser hair removal system has significantly less at just 90,000, but you will also need fewer pulses to achieve the same results as any IPL

This is because the Tria Hair Removal 4x uses a diode laser 3x stronger than the Silk'n Infinity‘s eHPL.

90,000 pulses are also nothing to sneeze at—that’s more than enough for several full-body treatments.

The tie-breaker for use is the battery use. You can only recharge up to 300x for every unit, limiting its use to 300x.

And while that may seem like a lot of uses over a few years, it’s another limiting factor to the device’s lifespan.

The Tria’s diode laser is a built-in machine, so it can’t be replaced. The same goes for its battery.

Resources: Tria Hair Removal 4x Review: Quality & Durability – Lifespan & Battery

With that, we’ve chosen the Silk'n Infinity as the device that could last longer than the Tria 4x.

Winner: Silk'n Infinity

Pain Levels

Generally, the higher the energy fluence used, the faster, more effective, and riskier your treatments will be.

Pain is one of the limiting factors to measuring how high we can go with the intensity of your laser, both professionally and at home.

Factors that affect how much you’ll feel are:

  • the intensity of the laser (measured in joules or J/cm²) — the higher the energy, the more painful it can be.
  • the treatment area — upper lips and underarms, for instance, are more sensitive than the arms or legs.
  • how thick your hair is — the coarser and denser your strands are, the more heat it will absorb and the more you feel it. This will gradually subside as you progress because hairs will eventually thin out.
  • individual’s tolerance for pain—sensitive skin needs a much gentler approach over an extended period to achieve the same results as a higher-intensity treatment done in a short period
  • your skin tone — darker skin has a more adverse reaction to lasers with high energy and short wavelengths

The Silk'n Infinity operates on a gentler, much lower energy fluence than the Tria 4x. (2.5-4 J/ cm² + 70-400 microampere (µA) Galvanic Current vs. 7-22 J/cm²)

This, along with its use of galvanic energy, makes the Silk'n Infinity able to work safely on dark skin, unlike the Tria 4x, which can only treat light skin and dark hair.

Our tester is a Fitzpatrick III and has been using the Silk'n Infinity hair removal at max level 5. She reports tiny, minute zaps that feel relatively painless compared to other devices.

Other patients with a much darker complexion report feeling a much stronger current, even at level 2.

Resources: Silk’n Infinity In-Depth Video Reviews: Tests, Long-term & Short-term Results, Tips & Tricks

The Tria Laser Hair Removal 4x is a much stronger device and can be painful for some, especially at level 5 (22 J/cm²).

This energy fluence is high enough to warrant soothing gels for some patients in professional settings.[8]

In parallel, the use of numbing creams and pre-treatment gel is not uncommon for those with low pain tolerance who want to use the device at its full capacity to achieve quicker and better results.

Resources: Tria 4x In-Depth Review: Pain Levels

The Silk'n Infinity wins hands down by being gentle and almost painless compared to the powerful Tria 4x.

That said, everyone’s pain threshold is different. Only you can decide for yourself with experience how high or low you’ll be able to go with your treatments.

Winner: Silk'n Infinity

Frequency & Results

The Tria 4x has one of the fastest turnarounds we’ve seen in a hair removal device, no doubt owing to the brand’s exclusive use of its mini diode laser.

Treatments are recommended once every two weeks, with 3-6 months of regular use to see significant results.

The disparity in the turnaround depends on the individual’s physiology and chosen level.

The higher the intensity level used, the faster you can see results.

Resources: Tria Hair Removal Videos: Tests, Long-term & Short-term Results, Tips & Tricks

As the energy fluence used by the Silk'n Infinity is low and gentle, it also takes much longer for results to come in.

It’s recommended to be used 2 weeks apart or twice a month for the initial 4 treatments, followed by 4 weeks apart for the rest.

It takes an estimated 5-6 months to see results, which is twice as long as Tria’s 3-month promise.

However, the Tria 4x’s power is limited by its ability only to treat those with lighter skin tones and dark hair.

Resources: Silk'n Infinity Video Reviews: Tests, Long-term & Short-term Results, Tips & Tricks

Winner: TIE – Tria Laser Hair Removal 4x (for light skin and dark hair), Silk'n Infinity (for darker complexions)


The Tria 4x and the Silk'n Infinity has some of the highest safety protocols for a home-use optical hair removal device.

Both are FDA-cleared with brands that have decades of innovation behind them.

Skin Safety

Both have skin tone sensors that let you know if your complexion is compatible with the device. This prevents any mishaps like burns or blisters and keeps the device foolproof.

The Silk'n Infinity has an automatic skin sensor located near the treatment window, while the Tria 4x is done manually before unlocking the device.

Resources: Silk'n Infinity Review: Safety

Eye Safety

They also have contact sensors that prevent any discharge that could damage the eyes or waste pulses.

The Tria 4x also uses a Class 1 laser that can’t emit radiation at hazardous levels.

Resources: Tria 4x Review: Safety – Skin & Eyes

The Silk'n Infinity still uses IPL and has a bright flash, so you’ll still need safety glasses.

While they both have outstanding safety mechanisms in place not found in average devices, the fact that you can use the Silk'n Infinity on ALL skin tones makes it safer.

Winner: Silk'n Infinity


The Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x device can be used on light to medium skin and dark hair, with cheekbones down for females and neck down for males.

Resources: Tria 4x Review: Compatibility Guide – Skin Tone, Hair Color, & Treatment Areas

The Silk'n Infinity hair removal device can be used on all skin tones and mid-to-dark hair, as well as from the cheekbones down for both males and females.

Resources: Silk'n Infinity Review: Compatibility Guide – Skin Tone & Hair Color

Both cannot be used on naturally white, grey, light blond, or red hair.

Based on skin tones, hair color, and coverage of treatment areas, the Silk'n Infinity can cater to a broader range of patients.

Winner: Silk'n Infinity


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Silk’n Infinity Hair Removal Device Review

After testing & intensively reviewing the latest devices, the Silk'n Infinity is our Esthetician's Choice for the safest & most effective at-home hair removal device for dark skin.

Gabrielle Sterin

Silk’n Infinity Hair Removal Device Review
Energy Fluence / Hair-Eliminating Power
Lifespan / No. of Flashes
Safety Mechanism
Skin Tone Coverage
Hair Color Coverage
Product Design & Ease of Use


After testing & intensively reviewing the latest devices, the Silk'n Infinity is our Esthetician's Choice for the safest & most effective at-home hair removal device for dark skin.

Jump to: Silk'n Infinity Coupon Codes


Tria 4x Laser Hair Removal Device Review

After testing & intensively reviewing the latest devices, the Tria 4x is our Esthetician’s Choice for one of the most powerful at-home hair removal device.

Michelle Evans

tria 4x laser hair removal review
Energy Fluence / Hair-Eliminating Power
Lifespan / No. of Flashes
Safety Mechanism
Skin Tone Coverage
Hair Color Coverage
Product Design & Ease of Use


The Tria 4x is recognized for introducing diode laser technology to at-home hair removal. It boasts an energy fluence of 7-22 J/cm², making it one of the most powerful systems available.

However, users have reported discomfort during its use, and it shares limitations with regular IPL devices, being effective only on light skin with dark hair.

The device's small window size makes it inefficient for treating larger areas, and its limited service life of 90,000 pulses and 300 battery recharges falls behind newer devices.

Despite its powerful diode laser technology, the Tria 4x has not yet overcome its constraints, holding back its full potential.

If you're looking for a similar device that uses a diode laser, the ViQure DepiMini has a wider range and more flexible features in comparison.


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Michelle Evans
Michelle Evans is an esthetician specializing in skincare and hair removal. Her battle with acne throughout her 20's has fueled a lifelong passion for health & beauty. “Knowledge is a gift and you have the opportunity to educate and empower with it.” Michelle believes that everyone should be able to look and feel their best.