Silk’n Infinity In-Depth Review: Best for Dark Skin

The Silk’n Infinity is our Esthetician’s Choice for the safest & most effective at-home hair removal device for dark skin.

Silk’n Infinity Hair Removal Device Review

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Finding the Safest & Most Effective Laser Hair Removal Device for Brown & Black Skin

You’re tired of shaving every other day.
You’re too busy to go to the waxing salon.
Professional laser hair removal costs an arm and a leg.
Some clinics don’t even have the right equipment to provide you with treatment.

You think now is a good time to try at-home laser hair removal. You’ve seen the results from other people, and it looks really promising.

You know you’ll save time and money in the long run.

So you do your research, you know what you want, and you think you’ve found the perfect device to permanently solve your hair removal problems.

Ten minutes later, it turns out that you aren’t compatible with the device you’ve picked after all.

So you check out another one that looks promising, then another, then another.

After hours of scouring the internet, you realize with annoying clarity that almost all at-home laser hair removal devices are not safe for your skin tone or hair color.

This is the problem that most people with dark skin or light hair discover when looking at IPL or laser hair removal.

Many people aren’t aware of this, but one of the most challenging aspects of laser hair removal is safely treating dark skin and light hair.

Even in professional clinics, only the select few with state-of-the-art machines can cater to clients with your hair type and complexion.

This limitation has unfortunately passed down to its portable, home-use counterparts.

Out of the 35 laser hair removal tools we’ve recently tested, there are only three(!) that can safely and effectively treat dark skin and relatively lighter hair than others: the Silk’n Infinity, the illuminage elos, and mē Smooth.

And based on our experience, the Silk’n Infinity edges out the competition by far.

Ask the Expert: Is the Silk’n Infinity right for you?


Quick Answer: If you have dark skin or sensitive skin—the Silk’n Infinity will be your best choice among at-home laser hair removal devices.

Silkn Infinity review skin hair chart
Image: EU Skin tone and hair color guide for Silk’n Infinity, with their corresponding energy level allotment. Most home devices can only treat light to medium skin complexions. Silk’n Infinity is one of only 3 home devices we’ve tested that cover all skin shades.

RE: Dark Skin

While it’s not exactly up to par with professional lasers used in clinics, Silk’n Infinity’s eHPL™ is by far the safest and most effective home device you can buy if you have darker skin.

There are only two (2) types of lasers used by professionals for laser hair removal in dark, brown, and black skin: the nd:YAG and long-pulsed diode.[1]

So far, no commercial brand has patented these technologies for handheld devices designed for home use.

Most over-the-counter devices use IPL (Intense Pulsed Light).[2]

However, IPL alone cannot be used for darker skin tones because of the extremely high risk of side effects.[3]

This fact alone eliminates 99% of hair removal devices you can use.

It is not a limit of IPL devices but of IPL itself.

We’ve only encountered and tested three at-home laser hair removal devices that cover dark complexions: Silk’n Infinity, mē Smooth, and illuminage elos.

Silk’n Infinity is more advanced and has given us better results so far.

RE: Sensitive Skin

High-intensity IPL can hurt.

High-intensity IPL on sensitive skin and darker skin hurts even more.

Unfortunately, the higher the IPL, the more effective it will be in destroying your hair follicle.

The more light energy the melanin in your hair can absorb, the easier it will be to destroy its roots.

So while higher energy levels are more effective, it also means there is a higher risk of burning your skin if you are melanin-rich.[4]

From where I’m at, Silk’n Infinity solves this problem two-fold:

  1. By integrating galvanic energy
  2. By having a broad wavelength depth
Galvanic Energy

Galvanic energy opens your pores so your hair can directly absorb the optical energy from the device.

This means your follicle can absorb significant energy even with low-level pulses.

Silkn Infinity review galvanic energy
Image: Galvanic energy opens pores so optical energy can have direct access to the follicle.

This innovative mechanism removes IPL machines’ limitations, where treatments are only as effective as the intensity of energy used.

Offering a low-energy alternative that maintains its hair-removing efficacy means you can have significant results with minimal risk.

Depth of Penetration

The Depth of Penetration by Wavelength indicates how far the laser will penetrate the skin to reach the hair.

The longer the depth, the more far-reaching it will be.

Image: Lasers with longer wavelengths can reach deep-seated roots. They are ideal for dark skin tones and terminal hairs in the pubic area, beards, and armpits.
Image: Lasers with longer wavelengths can reach deep-seated roots. They are ideal for dark skin tones and terminal hairs in the pubic area, beards, and armpits.

Silk’n Infinity has one of the longest wavelength depths at 475-1200nm among at-home laser hair removal devices.

This means there will be minimal absorption by the melanin on the epidermis and will be able to reach the roots of your hair without harming your skin.

This is ideal for darker skin tones and those with deeply rooted terminal or coarse hairs on their armpits, face, and pubic area.

Most professional and home devices have short wavelengths, posing a high risk for dark skin.

IPL and wavelength restrictions are why most hair removal devices are limited to Fitzpatrick I-IV.

Silk’n Infinity has found a way to overcome these limitations, giving it a distinctive edge in user safety and skin-hair coverage.

Ask the Expert: Is Silk’n Infinity also recommended for lighter skin tones?

Yes! You can benefit from features like the extra safety it delivers and skin rejuvenation from the galvanic energy.

The Silk’n Infinity is top-tier among its peers. In fact, it is included our best laser hair removal devices of all time.

However, you will also experience the downsides of this device unnecessarily.

Light skin tones can withstand shorter wavelengths and higher intensity lasers more than darker skin.

Therefore, you can use devices with much more powerful energy fluences and get results much quicker.

Ultimately, you’ll have to decide which features you like best and which would suit your lifestyle better.

If you don’t think the Silk’n Infinity is for you, below are some of the other devices we’ve reviewed and highly recommend.

Viable Alternatives:

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7 Key Things You Should Know Before Buying the Silk’n Infinity


Silk’n Infinity uses a proprietary technology called eHPL™.

Video: IPL vs. eHPL™

While most at-home laser hair removal devices use IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), Silk’n uses its own innovative technology called eHPL™.

eHPL™ is a combination of a light-based hair removal mechanism called HPL™ (Home Pulsed Light) and galvanic energy.[5]

eHPL™ = HPL™ + galvanic energy.

  1. HPL™ (Home Pulsed Light) is a gentler, lower-powered IPL that is scientifically proven safe and effective for home use.[]
  2. Galvanic energy opens up your pores, so the optical energy from the HPL™ has direct access to your hair follicle. This process makes each flash more effective while needing less optical energy compared to other devices, reducing the risk of side effects.

It is one of the safest home laser removal devices on the market.

Silkn Infinity review photo
Image: Showing the front of the device. The Touch Electrode is for galvanic energy, Flash Window for flashing optical energy, Treatment Surface as contact sensor, and Skin Color Sensor to test your skin tone compatibility.

With the gentle eHPL™ and an automatic skin color + contact sensor, the fail-safes for the Silk’n Infinity are exceptional.

  • Protects your skin two-fold:
    1. the skin color sensor won’t allow the device to flash if your complexion is out of bounds. Extremely useful since different parts of the body also have different skin tones.
    2. by having the flash window recessed. This design avoids direct skin contact from the energy lamp, which becomes hotter the longer you use it in one sitting.
  • Protects your eyes by requiring the treatment surface to have complete closed contact with your skin before flashing. No accidental flashes in the open that could damage your eyes.
  • Gentle eHPL™ requires less optical energy to work and reduces the risk of side effects like burns, blisters, hyper-, and hypo-pigmentation.

These elements make it leagues ahead of average at-home laser hair removal devices in terms of safety.

That said, there are still other brands that have certain features that edge out the Silk’n Infinity.

For instance, Braun’s Gillette Venus Silk-expert 5 has its intelligent SensoAdapt™ technology. It has a more advanced automatic sensor that continuously reads your skin tone at 80x per second. Silk-Expert 5 also re-calibrates itself as you glide it across your skin.

Some devices also have cooling mechanisms for extra comfort during treatment, e.g., DEESS 3-in-1 ICY COOL Permanent Hair Removal System, Aopvui Permanent Painless IPL Hair Removal, Bosidin Painless Permanent Hair Removal Device.

Cooling is essential in professional laser hair removal because it immediately counteracts any side effects caused by high-energy lasers. This cooling system includes soothing any pain or redness after every intense flash or pulse.

However, Silk’n Infinity’s eHPL™ uses much lower energy than lasers and IPL.

While cooling is a perk that can add comfort to your treatment, it’s also unnecessary when using the Silk’n.

That said, all other devices mentioned have much more limited scope in skin tone and hair color coverage.


The Silk’n Infinity is the best home laser removal device you can buy if you have dark skin.

Silkn Infinity review dark skin
Image: Silk’n Infinity is the only 1 of only 3 devices we’ve come across that can treat dark skin. Most home devices can only treat light to medium skin tones.

One of the most challenging aspects of laser hair removal is safely and effectively performing it on dark skin.

Most laser devices are best suited for light to olive skin with dark hair, even in professional settings.

This limitation has translated to at-home laser hair removal devices.

So far, there are only three brands in the market that cover the entire spectrum of the Fitzpatrick scale of I-VI: Silk’n Infinity, mē Smooth, and illuminage elos..

Thanks to their proprietary technology that combines IPL with galvanic energy and R.F. (radiofrequency), they can bypass the limitations of basic IPL devices.

Silk’n Infinity doesn’t require intense optical energy to effectively treat the hair.

Low pain tolerance and skin sensitivity are also addressed because of eHPL™.

Its extraordinary wavelength of 475-1200nm is also long enough to bypass the color found in the epidermis to only look for melanin under the skin.


There is a difference in guidelines for the U.S. and Europe.

These discrepancies are primarily due to laws enforced in the European Union and FDA regulations in the States.

They are essentially the same device, but manuals are country-specific in their guidelines.

Because we have bought and tested the Silk’n Infinity in France, we will be following the E.U. guidelines.

For clarity, we will let you know if there are differences along the way.

  • Discrepancy #1: Skin tone coverage – Silk’n follows Fitzpatrick I-V coverage in the U.S. and Canada, while the E.U. version covers up to Fitzpatrick VI.
  • Discrepancy #2: Marketing Lingo – Silk’n in the U.S. markets the number of flashes for “lifetime use,” while the E.U. specifies it as 400,000 flashes.

It takes an estimated 8-10 sessions for visible changes and 5-6 months for permanent results.

This is longer than the average 3-4 months for home devices.

This extension is one of the most significant drawbacks of the Silk’n Infinity.

Most at-home devices, even professionally serviced laser hair removal, tout only 3-4 months to see results.

This delay is extended especially for those with darker skin.

Silk’n recommends sessions 2 weeks apart for the initial 4 treatments, followed by 4(!) more weeks apart for the remaining sessions.

This seems too conservative, in my opinion, as weekly sessions are entirely reasonable.

You can catch different hair cycles at their most vulnerable stage as well when you do it weekly.

And while it may seem to take a long time, keep in mind that this is the pay-off for permanent hair reduction with maximum safety and comfort, especially for high-risk skin tones like brown, black, or Indian skin.


Silk’n is one of the most reputable brands in the laser hair removal space. Market longevity = Quality.

There has been a flood of affordable machines in the market today, but nothing can beat the reassurance of a trusted brand.

Silk’n has been at the forefront of hair removal technology for almost a decade now.

They are the first to win an FDA clearance for home-use IPL from way back in 2008.[6]

Since then, they have continued innovating, with Silk’n Infinity being their flagship device for at-home laser hair removal.


Silk’n Infinity is one of the few devices that has scientific papers to prove its efficacy.

You’ll be surprised how many devices are out there without FDA clearance or scientific studies to back them up.[7, 8]

These are mostly off-brand and affordable machines that utilize similar technologies.

And while the science itself DOES work, you know that products vary in quality, safety, and effectiveness.

Pros & Cons: Silk’n Infinity Hair Removal Device


  • FDA Cleared and Approved by Health Canada, GMP & ISO Medical.
  • One of the few portable devices that can be used on ALL skin tones including brown, black, or Indian skin, and has one of the broadest coverage of hair colors
  • One of the safest at-home laser hair removal machines due to the brand’s proprietary Enhanced Home Pulsed Light™, and its numerous failsafe mechanisms:
    • Automatic Skin Color Sensor, Recessed Flash Window – Protects the Skin, Prevents you from accidentally wasting any flashes
    • Skin Contact Sensor – Protects the Eyes
  • Among longest wavelength compared to average IPL devices, which ensures that it penetrates far into the skin to reach deep-seated the hair roots and is safer for darker skin tones
  • Brand Reputation. Silk’n has more than a decade of building innovative hair removal devices. They are one of the first companies to get FDA clearance for home IPLs way back in 2008.
  • Unique cleansing box that provides thorough disinfection and allows device sharing, something actively discouraged with most at home laser hair removal devices
  • Small, light, and easy to use on small and large areas of the body
  • Silver casing makes it convenient to bring for travel
  • Solid customer support—Something sorely lacking in cheap, off-brand devices.
  • Skin rejuvenation is a byproduct of galvanic energy, a type of electrotherapy that’s used in facials and body treatments


  • Enhanced Home Pulsed Light™ has intrinsically low energy fluence. This is to emphasize safety, especially for darker skin tones. This comes at the expense of quicker results and will likely take you longer than advertised to see permanent hair reduction. You’ll need patience and discipline in keeping to your schedule.
  • If you buy the cleansing box bundle and share the device with multiple people, you can run out of flashes. That “lifetime use” is really for one person. Since the silk’n cartridge is built-in, you’ll have to buy a new unit once the lamp runs out of flashes.

Video Reviews: Tests, Long-term & Short-term Results, Tips & Tricks

Our tester falls under Fitzpatrick III. For a more rounded perspective, we’ve collated consumer reports from those with different skin tones and hair colors. This should be more reflective of how the device works for a wider variety of users.

Video: #Laserhairremoval #silk’nfinityreview PERMANENT LASER HAIR REMOVAL!!! Silk’n Infinity Review by Jalisa’s World

Video: Silk’n Infinity hair removal review by Les Bluez

Video: Silk’n Infinity At Home Treatment On Arms (Dark Skin) by Kenicherie

Video: Silk’n Infinity At Home Treatment on Dark Skin by Kenicherie

Silk’n Infinity: Does It Work? Tried & Tested, Before & After

Video: Silk’n Hair Removal Customers Talk Results by Silk’n Official

Video: Silk’n Infinity | Real People, Real Results |

Jump to: Expected Results

Product Overview

Video: Silk’n Infinity IPL – eHPL™ hair removal with light pulses

Package Contents: What’s in the Box?
Unboxing the Silk’n Infinity

If you’re buying from the official website, there are two sets you can avail of:

  1. The Silk’n Infinity Hair Removal Device (Unit & Accessories only)
  2. The Silk’n Infinity Hair Removal Device with Cleansing Box Bundle (Unit & Accessories with Cleansing Box)

The Silk’n Infinity Hair Removal Device

Video: Silk’n Infinity – Permanent Hair Removal Device – Unboxing – Set Up – How To Use

The one we’ve bought for testing is just the unit, and it comes with the following:

  1. Silver Beauty Case – This is a beautiful carrying case that you can use when traveling. It makes the entire system conveniently portable. It also keeps the unit safe and clean for storage as well.
  2. Handheld Unit
  3. Mains Power + Adaptor
  4. Cleaning Cloth
  5. Warranty Card
  6. User Manual

The Silk’n Infinity Cleansing Box

Silk’n Infinity Hair Removal Device Review
Image: The Silk’n Infinity Cleansing Box Set

The cleansing box is an add-on you can purchase with the central unit.

It is a disinfection system that uses blue LED light to thoroughly kill any bacteria residing on the treatment surface.

Hygiene is essential here because the galvanic energy will open your pores to reach the root of your hair.

The cleansing box will also allow what all other laser hair removal brands expressly forbid you to do—share your device with someone else.

This rule is set to avoid any cross-infection.

The cleansing box is the only one of its kind in the at-home laser hair removal space.

To use, simply place the unit in the cleaning cradle for 6-7 minutes.

This system makes the cleaning process very convenient after each treatment.

Is this something you should buy, though?

That depends mainly on how many people will use the device and how you’d like to maintain it.

The standard way to clean it would be to wipe the treatment surface using a dry cloth and 70% alcohol. You then dry it before storage.

You have to be gentle when cleaning or risk damaging the skin color sensor and the flash window.

Silk’n advises not to use other abrasive liquids like acetone, as well as it will also damage your device.

If you’d like a more convenient way to clean and sanitize, the cleansing box is the way to go.

Product Design & Our Experience Using the Silk’n Infinity

Silkn Infinity review unboxing
Image: The pulse button in front where you press and trigger a flash. You need to touch the base electrode on the back simultaneously to activate the galvanic energy.

Ease of Use

When you hold the main unit in your hands, it is light and intuitive to use. It’s easy to maneuver once you start using it on your arms and legs.

When you start the device, it makes a really loud sound akin to a running hairdryer. Make sure to work somewhere you can make a lot of noise.

If you try to click on the large pulse button (It’s the first thing you’ll do on instinct, to be honest), it won’t go off because it needs to be in full contact with your skin first.

This is to check your skin tone, protect your eyes, and save you from accidentally using your flashes.

Once you start, you’ll feel a slightly warm tingle before hearing a popping sound that goes off with each flash of light.

This sensation will be more prominent with darker skin, but there shouldn’t be any pain.

At most, the feeling should be a light rubber band snapping.

After each flash, you can expect a mild pink color around the hairs if you have sensitive skin. This should go away after a few minutes.

It has two modes of flashing that you can use: Pulsing and Gliding.

  • Pulsing is when you click on the giant pulse button to activate the flash. This mechanism gives you more control when treating small or hard-to-reach areas.
  • Gliding is an automatic flashing system that goes off repeatedly every few seconds. It’s a more convenient way to treat larger areas because you just “glide” the device on your skin instead of constantly pressing the pulse button. (Note that the higher the level, the longer it takes to “reload” every flash. Level 1 only takes a second, while Level 5 takes approximately 3 secs)

I did have a bit of trouble maneuvering the device using my non-dominant hand.

I had to do this to be able to treat specific areas like the opposite arm and the back of my legs.

Making sure the treatment surface is always in full contact can be tricky. When you’ve positioned it this way and that but it still won’t flash, it can a bit annoying.

This is especially true for hard-to-reach parts like the back of your thighs or curved areas like your knees or jaw.

Reaching with the device isn’t the issue per se, but passing the skin tone and contact sensors.

The skin color sensor is smaller and more manageable. Still, both sensors need to be in complete contact with your skin before anything happens.

But this is what makes the Silk’n Infinity one of the safest devices on the market, so this is a pretty minor compromise.

Once you learn how to work the device on your body with several uses, you eventually get the hang of it.

Size & Portability

The product is a great size and surprisingly light.

Easy to travel with, especially with the beauty case.

Convenient to store, it takes up very little space in the drawer or closet.

Quality & Durability – Lifetime Cartridge

I find its build quite sturdy even though it’s lightweight.

It helps that Silk’n is a reputable global brand with a very long history in hair removal technology.

Companies that assert “lifetime use” won’t last long with defective products.

The marketing for the U.S. and E.U. differs in this aspect.

The U.S. is branded “lifetime use,” while the E.U. is set to a specific 400,000 flashes.

Silk’n Infinity cartridges are built-in and not sold separately, unlike other devices.

Can one person use up that 400,000 flashes?

This depends on your frequency of use but probably not, especially since you’re more likely to permanently reduce your hair growth before you reach that point.

However, the Silk’n Infinity Cleansing Box is packaged specifically for sharing.

Being able to replace the cartridge once the quartz lamp goes out (and it inevitably will, as all lamps do) is a more sustainable and affordable option for multiple long-term uses.

However, this is a very privileged caveat as almost all devices won’t even allow sharing.

Replaceable lamp cartridges will also compromise its portability and size, so I suppose it’s a fair call since most people will only use it for themselves.

Here’s a graph to better understand where Silk’n Infinity stands compared to other devices in terms of service life.

Silkn Infinity review. number of flashes and service lifespan best at home laser hair removal
Figure: Comparison of the number of flashes and service lifespan of our top choices for the best at-home laser hair removal devices.
Laser Hair Removal Device:Lifespan/No. of Flashes:
Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X90,000
Silk’n Infinity400,000
Gillette Venus Silk-expert 5300,000
DEES 3-in-1 Permanent Hair Removal System350,000
BoSidin Painless Permanent Hair Removal Device500,000
Note: All devices mentioned have built-in cartridges except for the DEES 3-in1.


Video: Silk’n Infinity – Groundbreaking eHPL technology

Energy Fluence/Density

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)

IPL is one of the most common laser hair removal used in clinics.

Like traditional lasers, IPL works on the principle of selective photothermolysis.[9] This term implies injuring only a specific area using heat or thermal energy.

We want to deactivate your hair down to its roots in laser hair removal. This process needs to happen without harming the surrounding skin.

Coarse hairs or terminal hairs have deeper roots than vellus hairs. These are your pubic hairs, axilla or underarm hair, male facial hair, leg hair, etc.

Once the root is effectively damaged, your hair will no longer be able to grow normally.

Selective thermolysis happens when the pigment in your hair absorbs optical energy from the device and transforms it to heat high enough to destroy the follicle.

Since the efficacy of this process heavily relies on pigment, too little and too much can cause issues.

If your hair is too light, it won’t absorb enough optical energy.

If your hair is dark, but so is your skin—both your hair AND your skin will absorb high levels of optical energy, resulting in burns.

This principle is why IPL is most effective on dark hair and pale skin—lots of melanin on the hair with very little in the skin.

This limitation is lifted when IPL is converted to HPL™ and used in combination with galvanic energy.

HPL™ vs. IPL

HPL™ is a variation of IPL specifically for home use.

Unlike IPLs used in salons and other devices, the optical energy used in HPL™ is lower and poses less risk for you.

Silk’n built HPL™ devices with maximum safety in mind.

HPL™ is also scientifically proven to permanently reduce hair growth in the long term.[5]

This is congruent with studies that the efficacy of lower fluence can rival the results of treatments with higher energy fluence, as long as certain conditions are met.[5]

Galvanic Energy

Galvanic energy is a low current that passes through the device to open your pores. This component allows the optical energy of the HPL™ to penetrate the hair better.

This means you don’t need high-energy IPL to effectively treat your hair. This minimizes any risk of side effects brought on by IPL.

Another form of permanent hair removal called electrolysis also uses galvanic energy.

Silkn Infinity review unboxing
Image: The galvanic energy works by touching the base electrode at the back of the device. Your fingers need to be in constant contact with the base electrode while using the device.
eHPL™ (Enhanced Home Pulsed Light) Technology = HPL™ + Galvanic energy

While most laser home devices use IPL, Silk’n uses a proprietary technology called eHPL™.

eHPL™ is an innovation from Silk’n that combines galvanic energy with a low-energy IPL called HPL™.

This combination minimizes the risk of side effects brought on by high-intensity IPL, especially in the hands of non-professionals.

The Silk’n is as foolproof as a hair removal device can be.

eHPL™ has also been scientifically proven and tested to be safe and effective for long-term use.[7]

For comparison, these are the hair removal technologies and their energy fluences used by the leading devices today:

Silkn Infinity review. Figure: Comparison of the device levels and energy fluence of our top choices for the best at-home laser hair removal devices.
Figure: Comparison of the device levels and energy fluence of our top choices for the best at-home laser hair removal devices.
Laser Hair Removal Device:Technology:Maximum Energy Fluence/Power:
Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4XDL (Diode Laser)7-22 J/cm²
Silk’n InfinityeHPL™™ technology (IPL + Galvanic Energy)2.5-4 j/cm²
Gillette Venus Silk-expert 5IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)6 J/cm²
DEES 3-in-1 Permanent Hair Removal SystemIPL (Intense Pulsed Light)4.8-6 j/cm²
BoSidin Painless Permanent Hair Removal DeviceOptimal Pulse Technology (OPT) + Multi-frequency Continuous Pulse Technology2.8-8.2 J/cm²
Note: All devices utilize optical energy, except for the Tria 4x which uses a diode laser.

Output Wavelength & Depth of Penetration

light therapy, depth of penetration by wavelength
Figure: Displays depths of penetration. Shorter wavelengths are more potent, but longer wavelengths reach deeper and are safer for dark skin tones.

I’ve also noticed that the Silk’n Infinity has a longer wavelength spectrum than most devices at 475-1200nm, near-infrared.

This range means it can reach roots at varying depths and deliver hair-eliminating energy where necessary.

Longer wavelengths penetrate deep into the skin and can reach even the deepest-seated hair roots, which are even out of reach by some lasers.

More importantly, it bypasses most melanin in the epidermis and only looks for color under the skin.

This means less damage absorbed by your epidermis in relation to your hair follicle and ensures a safer hair removal procedure.

For comparison, here are the top home devices and their wavelengths:

Laser Hair Removal Device:Wavelength:
Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X810 nm
Silk’n Infinity475-1200nm
Gillette Venus Silk-expert 5N/A
DEES 3-in-1 Permanent Hair Removal System510-1200 nm
BoSidin Painless Permanent Hair Removal Device650 – 910nm
Note: All devices utilize optical energy, except for the Tria 4x which uses a diode laser.

Flash Window Size/Spot Size

Silkn Infinity review

The spot size on laser hair removal devices is the window where the optical energy is fired.

The smaller the spot size, the more precise the treatment. Perfect for narrow areas like the face, upper lip, etc.

However, larger spot sizes allow you to treat extensive areas like the legs much faster.

The Silk’n Infinity is average amongst hair removal devices at 0.9cm x 3cm [2.7cm²].

This strikes a good balance between treating smaller areas and larger body areas.

This also means the time you’ll spend during treatment shouldn’t take you more or less longer than with any other brand.

For comparison, here are some home devices and their spot sizes:

Silkn Infinity review Figure: Comparison of thespot sizes and flash speed of our top choices for the best at-home laser hair removal devices.
Figure: Comparison of the spot sizes and flash speed of our top choices for the best at-home laser hair removal devices.
Laser Hair Removal Device:Spot size:
Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X.81 cm²
Silk’n Infinity2.7 cm² (0.9cm x 3cm)
Gillette Venus Silk-expert 53 cm² (30mm x 10mm)
DEES 3-in-1 Permanent Hair Removal System3.1 cm²
BoSidin Painless Permanent Hair Removal Device3.0 cm²
Spot Sizes and Flash Speeds will be a good indicator of how long each of your sessions will last.

Power/Energy Levels

There are 5 energy levels you can choose from.

The level you’re in can be seen through the Energy Level Indicator Lights at the back of the device. Click the Control Button in the middle to adjust levels. (It just goes up and resets to 1 once it reaches 5.)

Silk'n Infinity Esthetician Review
Image: On the Right – the Ready/Skin Tone Warning Indicator Light. On the Left – The Control Button, surrounded by the 5-Level Energy Indicator Lights.

The higher the energy level, the more powerful the optical energy AND the risk of side effects.

Always make sure to patch test first and see how it feels before going all the way.

  • Those with darker skin should only go for levels 1-2 to avoid any adverse reactions.
  • Those with lighter complexions can start at level 1 and gradually go up to the level you’re comfortable with. Even in professional settings, the best practice is to go as high as you can tolerate with each session. The higher the energy you can use, the faster your results.

In any case, the color sensor will always let you know if the area is too dark for the power level you’ve chosen.

For comparison, these are the power scales of different brands:

Silkn Infinity review. Figure: Comparison of the device levels and energy fluence of our top choices for the best at-home laser hair removal devices.
Figure: Comparison of the device levels and energy fluence of our top choices for the best at-home laser hair removal devices.
Laser Hair Removal Device:Power Levels:Maximum Energy Fluence/Power:
Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X1-5 levels7-22 J/cm²
Silk’n Infinity1-5 levels2.5-4 j/cm²
Gillette Venus Silk-expert 51-10 levels6 J/cm²
DEES 3-in-1 Permanent Hair Removal System1-5 levels4.8-6 j/cm²
BoSidin Painless Permanent Hair Removal Device1-6 levels2.8-8.2 J/cm²

Note that the benchmark is reliant on energy fluence. E.g., Tria’s five power levels are distributed over a wide energy fluence of 7-22 J/cm². This means every level has a considerable jump in intensity compared to Gilette’s 10 levels, where it maxes out at just 6 J/cm²

The Silk’n Infinity has a minute increase in intensity as you go from level 1 to 5.

Flash Speed

After every flash or pulse, the device will need Time to “reload.”

When it does, the green warning light indicator will go off. This means the device is getting ready for the next flash.

Level 1 takes just a second to reload. The higher the energy level, the longer it takes for each flash to go off.

  1. Energy level 1: 0.9 secs
  2. Energy level 2: 1.1 secs
  3. Energy level 3: 1.4 secs
  4. Energy level 4: 1.7 secs
  5. Energy level 5: 2.0 secs

It’s not bothersome at first, but level 5 on your legs WILL take a while. It took me about 40 minutes to finish treating my legs.

I suggest putting on some music or a podcast, so time will fly by.

Don’t watch something because you’ll need to concentrate on where you’re flashing.

If you miss areas, you’ll likely have patches of hair when they re-grow.

For comparison, here are other devices and their reloading speed:

Silkn Infinity review. Figure: Comparison of the spot sizes and flash speed of our top choices for the best at-home laser hair removal devices.
Figure: Comparison of the spot sizes and flash speed of our top choices for the best at-home laser hair removal devices.
Laser Hair Removal Device:Flash Speeds:
Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4XApprox. 5 secs
Silk’n InfinityApprox. 0.9-5 secs
Gillette Venus Silk-expert 5Approx. 1-2 secs
DEES 3-in-1 Permanent Hair Removal SystemApprox. 0.9 secs
BoSidin Painless Permanent Hair Removal DeviceApprox. 2 secs
Spot Sizes and Flash Speeds will be a good indicator of how long each of your sessions will last.

Technical Specifications

Technology: Enhanced Home Pulsed Light™ (Optical light + Galvanic current)
Maximum Energy Fluence/Power: 2.5-4 J/cm2
Galvanic Current: 70-400 microampere (µA)
Output Wavelength475-1200 nm
Skin Tone Coverage: Fitzpatrick I-VI (light to dark skin tones)
Natural Hair Color Coverage: Naturally dark to blonde hair, as long as there is enough pigment to draw light
Skin Tone & Contact Sensors: Yes, automatically detects skin tone at the start and throughout the session
Recommended Treatment Schedule & Results: Treatments 1-4: Complete two weeks apart.
Treatments 5-7: Complete four weeks apart.
Treatments 8 +: Treat as needed, until desired results are achieved.
Lifespan/No. of Flashes: 400,000 or Unlimited flashes
Flash Window Size: 0.9cm x 3cm (2.7cm2)
Repetition rate: 1.0 Hz maximum
Power System: Mains powered
System Weight: 225 grams
Can be used with a pre-treatment gel? No, and not really necessary


FDA Cleared and Approved by Health Canada, GMP & ISO Medical

Silk’n was the first company to get an FDA clearance for home IPLs way back in 2008.

Since then, they’ve developed and refined their tech, with the Silk’n Infinity currently being the most advanced in their line of hair removal devices.

All their devices are clinically tested for major medical regulations worldwide, including the U.S.’s FDA (Food & Drug Administration), Canada’s Health Canada, and international manufacturing standards GMP & ISO Certified.

These accreditations make Silk’n one of the most trusted brands in the beauty and technology industry today.

Automatic Skin Color Sensor + Recessed Flash Window – Protects the Skin

Silk’n Infinity has an automatic sensor that assesses whether the device is safe to use for your skin tone.

It checks at the beginning of your treatment and intermittently during.

If it isn’t safe, the indicator light will blink rapidly, and the device won’t work.

You’ll have to lower the energy level in this particular area of your body if this is the case.

This is a unique feature that most average laser hair devices lack.

This also saves you from accidentally firing and wasting a flash.

Most devices don’t have this failsafe and are incapable of preventing accidents, like when flashing IPL levels you are incompatible with.

While there is always a skin color chart available, you can still burn yourself if you flash at an energy level not suitable for your skin tone.

This is one of the best features that sets the Silk’n Infinity above most devices.

That said, it’s unfortunately not my #1 in terms of safety.

That goes to another brand with the most advanced technology, in my opinion—the Gillette Venus Silk-expert 5.

Braun’s proprietary SensoAdapt™ continuously reads skin tone at 80x per second and automatically adapts the light intensity to your skin.

That gives it a two in one edge:

  1. higher frequency in reading skin tone means it literally checks your skin tone before every flash
  2. automatically adjusts to the most optimal power level according to your body area

The main drawback of these other devices is that they can only cater to the limited color range compared to Silk’n Infinity’s complete Fitzpatrick I-VI.

Skin Contact Sensor – Protects the Eyes

The device will only flash when it is in full contact with your skin.

This, in conjunction with its recessed window, means no stray light that can damage your eyes.

However, making complete contact in curved areas like the knees and smaller areas on the face can be challenging.

You’ll have to cleverly maneuver the device for it to work, and it takes way too long in the beginning.

To be honest, it’s a pain at times, especially since it almost always takes several tries for it to work.

My advice is to note what position you’re in when it works, so you don’t struggle with it every time.

There are also IPL safety glasses available for extra eye protection.

The IPL used here is proven to be safe, but you can always wear one if it makes you more comfortable.

I also find that it’s easier to look at what I’m doing when I have safety glasses on.

Brand Reputation

With many low-end and off-brand devices flooding the market, there is value and security in buying from a trusted name.

Silk’n is a global beauty brand that has been in operation for more than a decade.

Their hair removal line includes light-based devices and tools for epilation and trimming.

Their HPL™ line of devices has eight iterations, with the Silk’n Infinity being their latest and most cutting edge.


Time & Effort

While they have gone above and beyond on safety, it may have come at the expense of time.

A typical full hair cycle growth spans about 18-24 months.

Below is the recommended treatment time when using the device:

  • Treatments 1-4: Complete two weeks apart.
  • Treatments 5-7: Complete four weeks apart.
  • Treatments 8 +: Do as needed until desired results are achieved.
Fitzpatrick Skin TypeHair ColorArea of the Body2Average Number of Treatments1
I-IVLight brown to brownLegs, Arms, Bikini Line, UnderarmsSession 10-12, approximately 4 weeks apart.
I-IVBrown to blackLegs, Arms, Bikini Line, UnderarmsSession 8-10, approximately 4 weeks apart.
1. The individual’s response depends on hair type and biological factors. Some users may respond quicker or slower than the average no. of treatments.
2. One cannot expect permanent hair removal in single or even double treatment sessions. The duration of the resting period also depends on the body area. Source: Courtesy of brand.

While 8-12 sessions are longer than most professional hair removal, it lags behind its competitors.

Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X‘s treatments are every other week for 3 months, while the Gillette Venus Silk-expert 5 and DEES 3-in-1 Permanent Hair Removal System are once a week for 12 weeks.

I’m not sure why this is, especially with their use of eHPL.

I think once a week is entirely reasonable.

I’m extrapolating here, but it might look bad on paper if you go weekly and wait that long for results.

This is likely because of its low average light fluence that root damage takes a very long time to accumulate.

This commitment has to be emphasized early on to re-adjust people’s expectations. If you’ve looked at other devices, you’ll likely be conditioned for treatments that take a few months.

And if you don’t see quick results, it’s easy to assume the device isn’t working.

My advice, take advantage of those unlimited flashes and do it once a week.

If you go at this frequency, you’ll catch hair at its most vulnerable, the anagen phase.

(Don’t bother with anything sooner like every other day, that’s not enough time for the follicles to transition from active to resting.)

In any case, you’ll need to be patient and persistent with this.

Keep in mind that this is what it takes to ensure safety for high-risk skin tones and light hair that’s out of range in every other at-home hair removal device.

Bluetooth on App doesn’t work

Silkn Infinity review app
Image: Screencaps of the Silk’n App. It connects to the device and guides your treatment.

It also comes with a scheduling app that you can supposedly connect via Bluetooth on your phone.

Unfortunately, I cannot make it work for the life of me.

I just ended up scheduling it on my calendar.

The device gets hot beyond 30-40 minutes of usage

All IPL devices use some form of quartz lamp to produce optical energy.

And like any lamp, it accumulates heat over Time.

If the room temperature is at 20°C / 68F above; you’ll be able to use the device for about 30-40 mins before it reaches an uncomfortable heat.

If you’re in a cooler environment, it may last longer.

Customer Service, Support, Insurance, Warranty, Return Policy

The Silk’n Infinity warranty depends on where you make your purchase.

  • Silk’n US — 1-year warranty. 60-day money-back guarantee. Free shipping to the U.S. 0% interest installments via Afterpay.
  • Silk’n Canada — Extended warranty for full 2-year coverage. 60-day money-back guarantee. Free shipping to Canada. Interest-free installments via Afterpay.
  • Silk’n UK — Full 2-year coverage. 90-day money-back guarantee.

They also have excellent customer service.

There have been some inquiries on defective devices that stopped working after a certain period. They cover a replacement unit in their warranty.

Cover claims are for one (1) year after purchase.

How To Use the Silk’n Infinity

Video: Silk’n Infinity guide

Silk’n Infinity Instructions for Permanent Hair Reduction

Below are directions on how to first use your device. You can follow this tutorial or refer to your user manual for further guidance.

Total Time Needed :



Total Cost:

Approx. 299


Required Tools:

– The Silk’n Infinity unit and accessories
– Calendar for treatment scheduling

Things Needed?

– Aloe vera or body lotion for after-care

Step-by-step Guide:

Step 1

Before starting, make sure your hair is not plucked, waxed, or tweezed. The roots of your hair need to be present for laser hair removal to work.

Your skin should also be shaved, clean, dry, and free of any powders, antiperspirants, or deodorants. Don’t use flammable liquids to clean the area, including alcohol, sanitizers, perfumes, or acetone.

Step 2

Remove all jewelry. The galvanic energy used is a type of electrotherapy that uses low-grade current.

Step 3

Cover any tattoos, moles, warts, large freckles, black spots, or other skin imperfections that should not be treated. Use a light-absorbing material, such as white cloth or white medical tape.

Step 4

Long press the control button at the back of the device. This will turn on the device. You’ll start to hear the whirring of the fan and see the energy level light up on level 1.

After a second or so, the green Ready/Indicator Light will turn on. The device is now ready to use.

Step 5

If you’re using the Silk’n Infinity for the first time, we suggest you perform a spot check and start at level 1. After several sessions, you can adjust the device to a higher energy level.

Position the treatment surface on top of your skin, making complete contact. The area you’re treating must pass both the touch and the skin color sensor.

Step 6

Press the pulse button, making sure that your finger also touches the silver base electrode at the back. This is where the galvanic energy is activated.

You’ll hear a popping sound, and feel a slight warm and tingling sensation at first, which is normal. The Ready/Skin Tone Indicator will then turn off.

Step 7

After the flash, the device will “reload” for the next pulse. This can take anywhere from 1 to 2 seconds, depending on your energy level. Use this time to reposition the device to the next patch.

The Ready/Skin Tone Indicator will let you know when it’s set for another flash.

Step 8

After testing out a few flashes, decide if you want to continue your treatment by manually pressing the pulse button every time or if you want it to flash automatically. This is the difference between the “pulsing” and the “gliding” style.

Hold the pulse button and slide it continuously on your skin to glide. Pulsing is best for small areas, while gliding is more efficient on larger parts like the legs.

You shouldn’t treat the same area twice, so avoid any overlaps. Gaps aren’t good either, increasing patches’ likelihood during regrowth. Try to carefully line them up using the temporary pressure marks as guides.

Step 9

Apply a nutrient-rich moisturizing lotion after covering all the areas you want to treat. Your skin will absorb products more effectively because your pores are currently open due to the galvanic energy. This will result in a more hydrated and smoother after-feel.

Treatment Plan: Schedule, Frequency

The effectiveness of hair removal varies from person to person.

A complete hair growth cycle can take 18-24 months, depending on body type, hair color, and device use.

Multiple treatment sessions are required during this time to achieve permanent hair removal.

The Silk’n Infinity  treatment plan, which covers an entire hair growth cycle, is as follows:

  • Treatments 1-4: Done 2 weeks apart
  • Treatments 5-7: Done 4 weeks apart
  • Treatments 8+: Done as necessary until permanent hair removal
Skin Tone:Body Hair:Light Fluence:Part of the Body:Average Treatment Time:
Fitzpatrick I-VIDark blond to brown2.5-4 J/cm2Legs, Arms, Bikini Line, UnderarmsSession 10-12, approximately 4 weeks apart.
Fitzpatrick I-VIBrown to black2.5-4 J/cm2Legs, Arms, Bikini Line, UnderarmsSession 8-10, approximately 4 weeks apart.

In my opinion, this is a very conservative treatment schedule.

How Often Can You Use the Silk’n Infinity?

It’s not unreasonable to do weekly or bi-weekly treatments (i.e., every two weeks, not twice a week) until you achieve your desired results.

Some areas like the face have a faster hair growth cycle, and it’s crucial to catch your hair during its most vulnerable state—the anagen phase.

You may have also missed spaces in between during your treatment. (It can be tricky if you’re not used to it!)

And since you can’t go over an area twice in a single session, you’ll have to wait and see if you have patches of hair during regrowth.

All this can be sorted and expedited by being proactive with more frequent treatments.

Expected Results

Your body’s reaction to laser hair removal is influenced by the type of hair treated, the target body area, and several biological factors.

These factors can impact hair loss and growth, including hormones, genetics, and medications.

Your hair may be susceptible to damage more or less than the average number of treatments.

During the span of your treatment, you should expect to see your coarse hair grow back thinner, lighter, and at a very slow pace.

It takes 8-10 sessions to see these visible changes.

If there are two things that you should keep in mind to see results more than anything else, it’s:

  1. Always opt for the highest energy level your skin can tolerate. Not just in terms of your pain threshold, but where you don’t have any adverse reactions after a spot check.
  2. Never miss a schedule. You want to consistently damage the roots of your hair enough that it won’t grow back. If it’s not there yet and you give it time to heal itself, it will extend the time you’ll have to wait to see results.

More permanent results can take up to 5 to 6 months.

Compatibility Guide – Skin Tone & Hair Color

Image: EU Skin tone and hair color guide for Silk’n Infinity, with their corresponding energy level allotment. Most home devices can only treat light to medium skin complexions. Silk’n Infinity is one of only 3 home devices we’ve tested that cover all of Fitzpatrick I-VI.

Skin Tone

There are fewer laser hair removal options for darker skin due to the high risk for skin damage.

The Silk’n Infinity covers ALL skin tones and has mechanisms that ensure safety in all facets.

A failsafe skin sensor and controlled levels of IPL power assure that only the appropriate energy levels can be used on certain complexions.

Contraindications aside, there is minimal risk for side effects compared to most laser devices, and it is relatively painless.

Hair Color

This device works best on dark blond to black hair.

It won’t be as effective on those with naturally white, grey, light blond, or red hair.

Treatment Areas

Treatment areas include:

  • Face – Below cheekbones (excluding near the eyes or lips). Includes female and male facial hair.
  • Body – Shoulders, Underarms, Arms, Chest (excluding nipples), Back, Legs, Bikini area


The contraindications and warnings are the same as any other home laser hair removal device.

You can refer to this post or the product manual once purchased for the complete list.

For now, these are the most notable things that you should keep in mind.

Do not use the Silk’n Infinity if you:

  • Have an active implant like a pacemaker, insulin pump, or an ICD
  • Have naturally grey, white, light blond, or red hair. There isn’t enough melanin on your hair to absorb light and generate heat. If your follicle can’t be damaged, the treatment won’t work. Coloring your hair won’t work either, as it doesn’t reach the roots.
  • Are pregnant or nursing
  • Have epilepsy, photosensitivity, history of skin cancer, cannot sense heat properly, herpes
  • Have abnormal skin conditions like eczema, lesions, open wounds, psoriasis, infections, rosacea
  • Have hirsutism. The chances of your hair being stimulated to increased growth because of specialized injury are very high. We suggest doing electrolysis instead.
  • Allergic to metal or sensitive to chrome

Do not use the Silk’n Infinity in these areas:

  • Areas you may want to grow hair later. Results can be permanent.
  • Tanned skin. Tanning increases photosensitivity and the risk of adverse reactions. Avoid direct sun exposure 4 weeks before and 2 weeks after to avoid side effects like hypo- or hyperpigmentation (skin color changes after treatment).
  • Near the eyes (use only below cheekbones)
  • Tattoos, large freckles, moles, warts, nipples, genitals, lips. Basically, where there is high color contrast between your skin.
  • Areas beyond the bikini area like the anus. The Silk’n Infinity can’t be used for brazilian.
  • Areas with fillers
  • Areas with varicose veins
  • Areas with metal braces
  • Places where you feel pain

Possible Side Effects

Every cosmetic procedure, including those performed at home, carries some risk.

But when devices are used according to instructions, side effects and complications are rare.

This is especially true for foolproof devices like the Silk’n Infinity.

If there’s anything, I reckon the most common one would be the overlapping of pulses in an area.

But that’s user-dependent and is the same for almost every laser hair removal device.

Just make sure to carefully watch where you’re flashing, and you should be okay.

The possible adverse reactions below are consistent with every laser hair removal device, whether professional or home use.

You should be aware of them nonetheless, even if you buy another device.

  1. Skin Discomfort – This can happen when the energy level you’re in is a bit too high and borders your personal pain threshold. This is more likely to happen the darker your skin is. This sensation may last several minutes during and after treatment. If it’s too much, reduces the energy level or alternate with a cold compress (or anything cold you can apply).
  2. Skin Redness – This can happen immediately after your treatment and last for a day.
  3. Increased Sun Sensitivity – The treated area may be sensitive, and you may have dryness or flaking.
  4. Excessive Redness and Swelling – These are incredibly rare but can happen in very delicate body areas. It should subside within 2-7 days, applying a cold compress in between. Avoid exposing the site to the sun or washing with harsh cleansers.
  5. Blisters or Burns– Another side effect that would be unusual but still possible if levels are jumped or not spot-tested prior. This needs a few weeks to heal with an anti-burn cream. Wait for it to heal before trying again. This time, at a much lower energy level.
  6. Bruising or Infections – These can come after blisters or burns and last for about 5-10 days.
  7. Scarring or Pigment Changes – These can be hypotrophic (flat and white lesions), hypertrophic (red and large), or a keloid (entended and protruding). Temporary hyperpigmentation (brown discoloration) or hypopigmentation (white or loss of pigment) is also possible.

If you experience symptoms more severe than this, stop any further treatment and seek the advice of your physician.

Device Troubleshooting

Never attempt to open to repair your own device. This will void your warranty.

Silk’n Infinity fails to start

Make sure the adapter is correctly plugged into your electrical outlet.

Silk’n Infinity stopped working

Press the control button again to restart the device.

No galvanic energy when you press the pulse button

Make sure you touch the silver base electrode at the back when operating the device. The galvanic current needs to be a closed circuit.

Frequently Asked Questions


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Silk’n Infinity Hair Removal Device Review

After testing & intensively reviewing the latest devices, the Silk’n Infinity is our Esthetician’s Choice for the safest & most effective at-home hair removal device for dark skin.

Gabrielle Sterin

Energy Fluence / Hair-Eliminating Power
Lifespan / No. of Flashes
Safety Mechanism
Skin Tone Coverage
Hair Color Coverage
Product Design & Ease of Use


After testing & intensively reviewing the latest devices, the Silk’n Infinity is our Esthetician’s Choice for the safest & most effective at-home hair removal device for dark skin.

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